11th ACR Blackhorse Newsletter

This past rotation 3rd Cavalry Regiment has the privilege of engaging another Cavalry Regiment in battle. The Troopers of 3CR provided the Blackhorse Regiment a tough fight, but we were able to emerge victorious yet again. We made the Brave Rifles force prepared for combat because you remain disciplined masters of the fundamentals who know how to work as a team.

During this rotation we continued to hone and refine a new capability of the Regiment, being able to maneuver and fight at night. We conducted a successful night counterattack on the city of Razish using our newly installed thermal sight upgrades on our main battle tanks (MBTs) in order to insert Infantry from B Troop into Razish. Their attack, coordinated with the BFB still in the city caught the enemy off guard and was a resounding success. The BFB was even able to destroy one of their squadron command post.

After we recover our equipment and take a short break, we will have the chance to join 3CR in an important Cavalry tradition, the Lucky 16. For those who have the opportunity to attend this will be a great opportunity to build comradery with fellow Cavalry Troopers, experience tradition, and add to the storied legacy of the Regiment.

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