The annual 1901 Club fundraising/annual drawing letter went out a month ago (click here to download a copy of the original letter). Many of you have already donated, and we thank you very much – our major fundraising campaign has gotten off to a great start.

Others of you have notified us that we had not included options to pay by credit card or PayPal like past years – and you were absolutely correct – we unintentionally forgot to put that on the bottom of the letter. This special eblast is intended to fix that oversight.

If you would like to contribute by credit card, at the bottom of the letter, or on a separate sheet of paper, please tell me:

  1. your name (please print) as it appears on the credit card
  2. the credit card number and expiration date
  3. billing address, City, State, Zip Code
  4. the type of card (Visa, MC, Discover)
  5. the amount donated

and then mail it back to me at the address on the bottom of the letter. If you prefer to pay by PayPal, please go to our web site, www.blackhorse.org, select Donate and the “Click here to donate to the 1901 Club” red bar, and fill out the form.

All of our means of collecting and handling donations are completely secure and are handled by our webmaster, Greg Hallmark, and our Treasurer, Dan Caughey. If there are questions or concerns you may contact me either at diwicks@nullbossig.com or call me at (509) 531-1369 Pacific Time.

Don Wicks
Director of Fundraising

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