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You shop. Amazon donates to the Blackhorse Association.

Are you a BHA member who uses Our guess is you probably are, and if so, we need your support for the Association through the use of an charity program. To encourage your support, new registrants in this program will be recognized through a limited-time, monthly prize drawing.

All that is needed is a quick 30-second enrollment in AmazonSmile, which is an Amazon-sponsored charity program where Amazon donates part of its revenue to various charities.

How It Works

We’re asking that you designate “Blackhorse Association Inc” as your charity. If you do, the association will receive .5% of the purchase price of all items purchased by you and your fellow BHA members. This donation from Amazon is done anonymously based on total purchases of our enrollees. When we receive our quarterly payment from Amazon, we’ll put 100% of it into our scholarship fund. As a result, we hope to fund several scholarships a year through a simple act of registration on your part.

If you have family members or friends who have their own Amazon accounts, they too can designate “Blackhorse Association Inc” as their choice; everything will work the same for them as well. They’ll also be entered into the monthly prize drawings.

Please remember that enrolling in the AmazonSmile program has no effect on the purchase price of your items; your price remains the same as before – not higher or lower. The only differences are that Amazon will reward your participation by donating to the Blackhorse Association, and you’ll begin your Amazon purchases on the AmazonSmile webpage. As a result, the Association will get a steady stream of revenue throughout the year that will be used by the children of our members.

How To Sign Up

* If you’re using an Amazon app on your phone or device, open the app and find “Settings” in the main menu (≡). Tap on “AmazonSmile” and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile on your phone or device. Search for “Blackhorse Association Inc” and select it.

* If you’re using a desktop browser or viewing the Amazon website on your phone, click below, log in if needed, get started at the AmazonSmile page, and select “Blackhorse Association Inc.” Please bookmark the new start page.


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