Armor Conference

The last Armor Conference, now called the Armor Warfighting Conference, is slated for the period Saturday, 15 May 2010 to Thursday 20 May 2010. Future conferences will be in the form of the Mechanized Center of Excellence Warfighting Conference at Fort Benning.

The plan is for this conference period to be a "Super Reunion" for Armor and Cavalry units. The opening period of Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be mainly reserved for reunion type activities such as tours of the post, Patton Museum, vehicle static displays, golf scramble, skeet shooting, Stable Call with grog ceremonies and meet active duty soldiers. An added feature this year will be to ask attendees to participate in oral history interviews. Sunday is reserved for unit reunion activities.

Several units have planned their association reunions in concert with this last Armor Conference. Our association was well into our 2010 Houston Blackhorse Family Reunion planning and had significant resources committed when we learned of this "Super Reunion" initiative.

I will attend as a representative our association.

In an effort to help the Ft. Knox planners I would ask that those of you who plan to attend the Armor Conference email me at

Please specify those pre-conference reunion type activities you wish to be a part—–remember, these activities are slated for Saturday through Monday in advance of the actual Warfighting/Armor Conference.

My next conference call with the Ft. Knox planners is slated for 8 Feb ’10. Would appreciate a speedy response—-it will help the Knox planners a great deal.


John Sherman Crow
The Blackhorse Association

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