Our partnership with the Association of the United States Army (AUSA)

As part of our continuous commitment to the strength of The Blackhorse Association (BHA), we are excited to announce that The Blackhorse Association has joined the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) as an Association Partner.

Because we’re combining forces, we will both be stronger, have a cohesive message to the American people, and have a louder voice on Capitol Hill as we advocate for legislation that is important to us both — issues such as quality of life, benefits, readiness, modernization, and more. We support each other’s goals, and AUSA provides us another way to show our support for the Total Army. AUSA, similarly, reiterates its support of our members and The Blackhorse Association’s mission and efforts.

This new partnership provides each Blackhorse Association member with a no-cost AUSA membership and all of the benefits that come with membership.

AUSA Benefits

Access to AUSA affinity programs.  Please see for a sample list.

Educational products, like:

Army magazine (electronic copy)
AUSA Extra
Soldier Today
Discounts on education through some of our affinity partners.

Member access and pricing to professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year, like:

AUSA’s Annual Meeting and Land Warfare Expo
LANPAC Symposium and Expo
Warfighter Summit and Expo
Global Force
International Events

Member access and pricing to digital professional development, like:

AUSA Hot Topics
AUSA Noon Reports
AUSA lectures, presentations, and discussions featuring senior Army leaders, national security experts, and contemporary military authors.

Employment Assistance through AUSA Jobs Central.

Access to more than $300,000 in scholarships.

Comprehensive SAT and ACT Test Prep Materials at no cost to you.

Legal document preparation system for individuals and for small businesses, at no cost to you.

See for complete info.




Important Opt-out info

AUSA, as does the Blackhorse Association, respects the privacy of its members and will not share your contact information outside of the regular maintenance of your AUSA membership; this may include mailings from vendors who are required to operate under a strict confidentiality agreement.

If you do not wish to participate in this AUSA benefit, or if you do not wish to share your contact information with AUSA, you may opt out by notifying us in several different ways.

If you are currently a BHA member, go to this link and fill out the form.

If you are about to join the BHA and you desire not to be a member of AUSA, you can opt out at this link while signing up to exclusively join the Blackhorse Association.

Alternatively, please contact us at one of the following emails:

If you believe you are a Blackhorse Association member and do not have a membership card, or, if you have not started receiving your AUSA benefits by Fall 2022, then contact one of the emails above to resolve any of your questions.

If you are currently an AUSA member, no action is needed by you and no changes will be made to your existing AUSA membership.

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