Association Overview

The Blackhorse Association was born of a promise made by (then) Colonel George S. Patton (deceased) to a dying L Troop soldier on 2 March 1969 on a battlefield in Vietnam. The vow was to “not let people forget us” and “take care of our kids”. This became the inspiration to form the Blackhorse Association later that year at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Over the years, our members have donated more than $600,000 to help educate the children of Blackhorse Troopers killed in action or incapacitated by wounds; and now, any child of a member or former member of the Regiment.

Over forty-five years have passed and we continue to do our best to keep that promise made that day in Vietnam.

Since the inception of our Association, the primary purpose has been to honor our members who gave their lives in service to our Country and our Regiment, to strengthen the bonds formed in the Regiment, to proclaim the achievements and traditions of our Regiment, to support the troopers actively serving the Regiment and to establish and maintain an educational scholarship program for children of the Regiment.

The Association has been granted IRS Code 501(c)(3) status as non-profit, charitable organization. As such, we are apolitical and do not support political candidates of any party nor do we advance political persuasions of any type.

We publish two Blackhorse Newsletters each year for our 13,000. Our monthly Blackhorse E-News email program provides near real time news and information to almost 6,000 of our members who have registered with our E-News program

The Association meets in reunion each year in what we call the Blackhorse Family Reunion. This program permits old friends to join together each year at reunions held across the country. Check for details on this website under the “Reunions” link. Hope to see you there.

We offer an increasingly interesting array of Blackhorse memorabilia through Finish Line Awards. You may shop on this website at the Blackhorse Gear link or go directly to the store at

We are on the cusp of being able to do some great things for our soldiers and for the children of the Regiment. The giving of your time, talent and treasure is critical to this end. The Officers and Directors of this Association serve voluntarily without remuneration of any kind.

Members and friends of the Blackhorse, join us in this most noble endeavor. Visit this website often and enjoy the good news of The Blackhorse Association.


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