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Blackhorse Association Special Edition: Fulda Scholarship Offered

Blackhorse Family,

A fantastic opportunity has opened up for a Child of The Regiment who attends college.

The Hessen International Summer University at Fulda University of Applied Science is once again offering one full-tuition scholarship for the upcoming 4-week summer semester of July 16 – August 13, 2016. With the scholarship, lodging is included, although the student will need to pay for daily meals, personal items and incidentals, and airfare to and from Germany.

The summer program is appealing and interesting without doubt. The student who is selected will be able to choose from four courses of study. Included in the program are several field trips, including ones to Berlin and Frankfurt.

This opportunity is available to sons or daughters of any Blackhorse veteran, past or present, but Fulda University has told us that they would prefer a son or daughter of a Blackhorse veteran who served the Regiment in Germany during the years of the Cold War. Accordingly, we will give preference to those candidates.

In the summer of 2015, Chandler Hallmark, the daughter of Blackhorse veteran Greg Hallmark, who served with the regiment from 1977-1979, was accepted into the program.

Chandler Hallmark on Milseburg Mountain near Fulda.

Chandler, a junior at the University of Tennessee, took courses that ranged from beginner’s German to cooking, traveled throughout Germany, visited Point Alpha, and got to interact with an international assortment of professors and classmates from countries such as Malaysia, Portugal and Israel. Chandler says: “It was amazing how well all of us got along, even though we came from vastly different countries. And it was great to see where my dad served when he was in the regiment.”

For all the details of the program including its overview, FAQs, and curriculum, please visit the university’s website: http://www.isu-fulda.de/.

Our application deadline for this program is April 30, 2016. Though only one scholarship is available, we strongly encourage any of you who have children in college to consider this opportunity.

If interested in applying for this program and for more information on the application process, please contact Randall Ponder, Blackhorse Association Copy Editor, at randallponder@nulloutlook.com.

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