Blackhorse Association Special Edition: Silent Auction Info and Update

2016 Blackhorse Association Family Reunion
June 16-19, 2016
San Antonio, Texas

James (JT) Taylor (Bad Hersfeld, I-Troop) and his wife Beth Anne have graciously volunteered to head up our silent auction in San Antonio. Thanks to your support, they have received several items and commitments for items that will be of great interest at our reunion.
We want to make this auction the best ever so that our Scholarship Fund will benefit by receiving a strong infusion of revenue to benefit our Blackhorse families. Could you look around your house and storage areas to see if you have some cool, unique, or eye-catching items that will get the reunion attendees excited about offering some bids? In particular, items that have a link and significance to the Blackhorse are always popular.
Although we already have some great items, we are still looking for a few more items that will stand out and command top bids from our attendees. Please help support the auction, and if you have any question about whether something is suitable or not for the auction, simply email JT or Beth Anne and they will give you some advice and guidance on your donation.
Please coordinate directly with JT or Beth Anne, who can be reached at 720-320-1150 or at
In order to effectively manage the auction’s donations, we kindly ask that you coordinate all donations through JT and Beth Anne, whether you are bringing items with you or if you want to send them in advance of the reunion. If you want to send the items prior to the reunion, please contact our reunion coordinator James Bennett.
James Bennett
159 CR 6825
Natalia, TX 78059
Cell: 210-275-2028
As always, your help is greatly appreciated for this worthy cause, and we thank you.

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