Blackhorse E-News – January, 2014

Trooper Down – Theodore L. "Ted" Tatten

Ted Tatten, age 65, passed away November 27, 2013. Ted served in 3rd Platoon, H Company, 2/11 ACR from Spring 1975 to Spring 1978, achieving the rank of sergeant before he left the Regiment. Ted was born on November 6, 1948 in Covington, Kentucky. He recently retired from the Union Pacific Railroad in Sidney, Nebraska. He loved fishing, hunting, golf, and riding his Harley.

Private First Class Ted Tatten, Table VI, Grafenwoehr, 1975


Something for you Pittsburgh Penguins fans!

The picture below comes from BG Paul Laughlin, 63rd Colonel of the Regiment, who in turn got it from his old RS3. Not sure of its provenance beyond that!


The Regiment on Parade

The photograph below was taken during a ceremony to honor RCSM Steven Travers, who is leaving the Regiment to become the Command Sergeant Major of the National Training Center. A hearty Blackhorse congratulations to CSM Travers!


Winter at OP Alpha – 2013


The 1901 Club

(We apologize to those of you who have already received this information by regular mail and have sent a donation. This message is intended to ensure that we reach everyone in our membership databases.)

The 1901 Club – named for the year the 11th Cavalry Regiment was constituted and organized – is our primary fundraising tool for all operations of the Association. This effort needs your participation – it is absolutely critical to our continued success. Currently, about 500 members of our total 14,000 members financially support the Association. Our goal is to have 1400 members (10%) participate in the 1901 Club with a $100 annual contribution. We can take our Association to levels not thought possible with small donations from many of you. If you like the direction of your Association, join in now and help us ensure we will be here for succeeding Blackhorse generations.

Our annual operating expenses include printing our Blackhorse Newsletter, which is published twice each year; maintaining a web presence and a monthly E-News email program; postage; and essential administrative and statutory filing costs – the latter to protect our 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable status with the IRS. When donations exceed operational needs, monies can be transferred to the scholarship account.



Another Early Scholarship Winner – From Scott Nicholson, son of Platoon Sergeant Glenn Nicholson, KIA 5 May 1968

(The note below was sent to us after Scott saw the article about another early scholarship winner in the December eBlast.)
This is a note regarding the item about one of the first scholarships awarded in 1972. My brother, David, was awarded one of the first two BHA scholarships in 1972; however, he was not able to use it as over time, the BHA lost contact with my family. Then in 1989, when I was a first-semester sophomore at Wichita State University and while researching the impact of aging and health care on Vietnam veterans, I ran across the address for the BHA: PO Box 11, Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I penned a letter to "whom it may concern" requesting that if anyone served with my Dad, PSgt. Glenn E Nicholson (H Co, 3rd Platoon), to please contact me. A few weeks later I received a phone call from CSM Bill Squires. No mention of the scholarship was made in my letter, I figured it was long gone and had been awarded to my brother. Much to my surprise, the first thing CSM Squires asked is if David was in school; unfortunately he was not. He then said that it could be transferred to my name; at that time I was the only one of 8 kids in college. While my brother was the originally named recipient, and deservedly so, I was honored to be the one who benefited from the scholarship. I owe a lifelong debt of gratitude to CSM Squires for the promise he made to a fallen trooper, the dedication of General Patton, and the ultimate sacrifice made by my father and all troopers KIA. In an odd twist of fate, I am indebted to my brother as well.

Throughout my career, the BHA Scholarship has opened doors that I did not anticipate, whether the reference was made in my resume or when made in conversation with a colleague or business prospect. The interest shown by others in the BHA and the 11th ACR lineage is a powerful testament to taking care of our own. To all 11th ACR and BHA members, thank you for your sacrifices – they do not go unnoticed. On behalf of my family, thank you!

We want your input!

If you have an item of interest to the membership that you would like to see in future eBlasts or our bi-annual newsletter, please send items directly to The more detail you provide the better. In particular if you have knowledge of the passing of a former member of the Regiment and want this information published, please provide details of Regimental service and/or an obituary. This is your newsletter, please contribute.

You can always find the latest news and information on the Blackhorse Association at:

If you run into Blackhorse veterans or serving members of the Regiment, let them know about the Association and point them to the website.


Reminder – 2014 Blackhorse Association Reunion
Colorado Springs June 12 – 15, 2014

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment’s Blackhorse Association will hold its annual Blackhorse Family reunion in Colorado Springs, CO, June 12 -15, 2014. The reunion is open to all past and present troopers who served with the Regiment, the Regimental Community, and all separate units that supported the Regiment.

The reunion will be held at the Hotel Elegante Conference and Event Center, 2886 South Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80908. The Elegante is in the process of a major several million dollar renovation. Rooms have been set aside for reunion attendees at a special negotiated rate of $115 per night.

Attendees are encouraged to make plans early. For reservations, please visit or call (800) 981-4012 (reservations). You can phone their Front Desk directly at (719) 576-5900 (be sure to give them our Group ID number – 693108 – and say you are attending the Blackhorse reunion).

For additional lodging options, go to


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