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Kirby’s daughter, Angela Hunter Goodman extends an invitation to all Blackhorse friends in the Fort Knox, Radcliff, Louisville and Elizabethtown areas to join them to celebrate the life of their father at Radcliff Veterans Cemetery on March 9th at 1100 hours. Family contact info:

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Hunter family. Allons!



The Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning will conduct a memorial dedication ceremony in memory of SFC Rodney J.T. Yano at 1030 hours, 23 March 2012. General Doc Bahnsen will be the keynote speaker.

All are invited. There are no special requirements to access the dedication site, a Military ID or current drivers license is all that is required. Signs will be posted from the I-185 gate directing guests to the dedication site.

Inquiries regarding SFC Yano’s memorial dedication should be directed to Mr. Scott Fountain at



The Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning will conduct a memorial dedication ceremony in memory of our 40th Colonel, Colonel Jimmie Leach. The ceremony is scheduled for 1400 hours, 23 March 2012.

All are invited. There are no special requirements to access the dedication site, a Military ID or current driver’s license is all that is required. Signs will be posted from the I-185 gate directing guests to the dedication site.

To accommodate our Blackhorse family, Fort Benning has scheduled both the SFC Rodney Yano dedication and Colonel Jimmie Leach dedication ceremonies on 23 March —- SFC Yano’s memorial dedication at 1030 hours and Colonel Leach’s memorial dedication at 1400 hours.

Inquiries regarding Colonel Leach’s dedication may be directed to LTC Matthew Boal at


Interesting Statistics from the Vietnam Memorial Wall


We received this recently from a friend of The Association. We are re-printing it here verbatim, with some minor edits for clarity.

"Carved on these walls is the story of America , of a continuing quest to preserve both Democracy and decency, and to protect a national treasure that we call the American dream." ~President George Bush

There are 58,267 names now listed on that polished black wall, including those added in 2010.

The names are arranged in the order in which they were taken from us by date and within each date the names are alphabetized.

It is hard to believe it has been 36 years since the last casualties.

Beginning at the apex on panel 1E and going out to the end of the East wall, appearing to recede into the earth (numbered 70E – May 25, 1968), then resuming at the end of the West wall, as the wall emerges from the earth (numbered 70W – continuing May 25, 1968) and ending with a date in 1975.

Thus the war’s beginning and end meet. The war is complete, coming full circle, yet broken by the earth that bounds the angle’s open side and contained within the earth itself.

The first known casualty was Richard B. Fitzgibbon, of North Weymouth, Mass. Listed by the U.S. Department of Defense as having been killed on June 8, 1956. His name is listed on the Wall with that of his son, Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Richard B. Fitzgibbon III, who was killed on Sept. 7, 1965.

  • There are three sets of fathers and sons on the Wall.
  • 39,996 on the Wall were just 22 or younger.
  • 8,283 were just 19 years old.
  • The largest age group, 33,103 were 18 years old.
  • 12 soldiers on the Wall were 17 years old.
  • 5 soldiers on the Wall were 16 years old.
  • One soldier, PFC Dan Bullock was 15 years old.
  • 997 soldiers were killed on their first day in Vietnam.
  • 1,448 soldiers were killed on their last day in Vietnam.
  • 31 sets of brothers are on the Wall.
  • Thirty one sets of parents lost two of their sons.
  • 54 soldiers on attended Thomas Edison High School in Philadelphia. I wonder why so many from one school.
  • 8 Women are on the Wall. Nursing the wounded.
  • 244 soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War; 153 of them are on the Wall.
  • Beallsville, Ohio with a population of 475 lost 6 of her sons.
  • West Virginia had the highest casualty rate per capita in the nation. There are 711 West Virginians on the Wall.
  • The Marines of Morenci – They led some of the scrappiest high school football and basketball teams that the little Arizona copper town of Morenci (pop. 5,058) had ever known and cheered. They enjoyed roaring beer busts. In quieter moments, they rode horses along the Coronado Trail, stalked deer in the Apache National Forest . And in the patriotic camaraderie typical of Morenci’s mining families, the nine graduates of Morenci High enlisted as a group in the Marine Corps. Their service began on Independence Day, 1966. Only 3 returned home.
  • The Buddies of Midvale – LeRoy Tafoya, Jimmy Martinez, Tom Gonzales were all boyhood friends and lived on three consecutive streets in Midvale, Utah on Fifth, Sixth and Seventh avenues. They lived only a few yards apart. They played ball at the adjacent sandlot ball field. And they all went to Vietnam. In a span of 16 dark days in late 1967, all three would be killed. LeRoy was killed on Wednesday, Nov. 22, the fourth anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Jimmy died less than 24 hours later on Thanksgiving Day. Tom was shot dead assaulting the enemy on Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
  • The most casualty deaths for a single day was on January 31, 1968 ~ 245 deaths.
  • The most casualty deaths for a single month was May 1968 – 2,415 casualties were incurred.

For most Americans who read this they will only see the numbers that the Vietnam War created. To those of us who survived the war, and to the families of those who did not, we see the faces, we feel the pain that these numbers created. We are, until we too pass away, haunted with these numbers, because they were our friends, fathers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters. There are no noble wars, just noble warriors.

Please pass this on to those who served during this time, and those who DO Care.

God bless us all!


Effective 1 January 2012 our official mailing address is:

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Applications for 2012 Blackhorse Scholarships must reach Dir. of Scholarships, Colonel (Ret) Bob Hurt no later than 1 April 2012.

New applicants should follow the guidelines on our website found by clicking on this link.

For those previous recipients, your application process is somewhat streamlined. You must apply by letter with a letter of recommendation from a teacher/professor and a copy of your most recent transcript.

All requirements and appropriate mailing addresses and contact info is provided on our website here.

Once you apply, it is imperative that you maintain a serviceable email address throughout the application, award and payment process.


American Legion Newport Harbor Post

7th Annual Hoedown Fund-Raiser

Steve Spriggs and the members of Post 291 have been faithful in providing scholarship donations to the association. Post 291 is one of our three leading annual donors. The 7th Annual Hoedown Fund-Raiser is scheduled for March 3, 2012 at their beautiful harbor facility in Newport Beach, California. See the flyer here and if you are in the area, please plan on supporting Post 291 in this most noble cause. Thanks Steve and all members of Post 291. Allons!



Glenn Snodgrass and his great crew have planned an interesting reunion during the period June 7 – 10, 2012. Please register early so the planners can insure our meetings and banquet halls are of adequate size to accommodate the various events. Our attendance numbers are growing each year and we need good estimates of attendance in order to insure we do not over commit for the various event venues. It is also recommended that you reserve your hotel room early. The hotel has a very satisfactory cancellation policy. More detailed reunion information is posted at Notice—- that is ".com". The same information may be found on our website at the Programs/Reunion Link at



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"Dearest Angel" – Elaine Cochrane Murphy (Paperback). "Dearest Angel" is the story of the life and death of Lieutenant John F. Cochrane who was killed in Vietnam on October 24, 1966. He was scheduled to meet his wife in Hawaii for R&R in six days, but his life was cut short by a sniper’s bullet. President Lyndon Johnson read portions of John’s last letter home to wounded Vietnam Veterans who were attending a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the White House. President Johnson said of John: "I have known many brave men and wise men, but I wish I had known Lt John Cochrane. Then I would have known the best of men." "Dearest Angel" is a book you’ll want to read. Your life will be enriched and inspired as you share the deepest thoughts and feelings of one soldier taken from life too soon. Click here to order at The Blackhorse Store.

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