Blackhorse E-News – November 30, 2009

Messages from the President:

1. 2010 Reunion Special- Our reunion hosts from the Houston area will be offering a special Regimental print commissioned specifically for this reunion. Stay tuned for more news on what is fast becoming one of the finest Blackhorse Family Reunions ever.

2. Silent Auction items for the 9 to 13 June 2010 reunion should be coordinated with Bob Hurt at his email address of bhurt@nullcamstex.com. Remember, our reunions must be self sufficient and may not involve using Association funds. Our silent auction has been very successful in recent years as a means of funding our reunions.

3. We continue to upgrade our web presence. Greg Hallmark, Dir. of Communications, has created CavLand, a social network where past and current members of Blackhorse and their friends and families can meet and/or reconnect. Please visit www.CavLand.com for more info.

4. Blackhorse Monument- The Blackhorse Family has spoken clearly regarding the ultimate disposition of our monument. After a six month survey of the desires of the family, 2 out of 3 voted for the Ft. Benning option. Our monument will be moved by the Army in 2011 or 2012 to the site at Benning to join the other Armor and Cavalry monuments in a special place of honor.

5. Visit to the Regiment- Charley Watkins, BHA Secy., Don Brown, owner of FLA and I visited the Regiment last month to coordinate ways to better serve the Troopers. First we continue to pursue a means of providing a store front presence at Ft. Irwin for the sale of our memorabilia. The Troopers want it and we continue to look for a solution within the guidelines of Army Regulations and our ability to financially support the store in the Regimental area. We continue to provide online shopping. FLA places all orders from Ft. Irwin in priority delivery status.

6. Blackhorse Gear- Check the new wind shirt and the new microfleece jacket

7. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you from your officers and directors.


John Sherman Crow
49th Colonel


Ways To Give

We ask our 19,000 members to join in the support of the Association by giving of your time, talent and treasure to insure we fulfill the commitment made to one of our fallen troopers to “don’t let them forget us” and “help look after our kids”. A more noble cause does not exist and we will fulfill that commitment with your help. Please visit our “Ways to Give” page and contribute at whatever level your situation permits. The contribution of your time, talent and treasure at any level is appreciated.


Blackhorse Regiment featured in Wall Street Journal story on Iron Curtain

From the Wall Street Journal, Nov. 9, 2009: “For decades a hilly region in central Germany divided by the Iron Curtain was at risk of becoming the ground zero of a nuclear World War III. During the Cold War, troopers of the U.S. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment — known as the Blackhorse regiment — patrolled this border from Observation Post Alpha near the West German town of Fulda…” Read more at WSJ online.

Also, be sure to check out the accompanying video report:
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