Blackhorse E-News – October 21 2009

The entire Blackhorse family stands proudly with our A Troop comrades for their heroic action on 26 March 1970. This week President Obama presented them with the “Presidential Unit Citation” for their extraordinary heroism and exemplary performance of duty 39 years ago in Vietnam.

Their commander then, Captain John Poindexter, and many of his Troopers gathered at The White House to receive this long overdue decoration for their valor. On an award scale the Presidential Unit Citation is equivalent to an individual receiving the Distinguished Service Cross.

Thank you A Troop for your extraordinary performance of duty on the battlefield. Your recognition is long overdue and richly deserved. WELL DONE ALL!

Allons and Blackhorse Forever!

John Sherman Crow
49th Colonel


Media coverage of the Unit Citation Ceremony


President Obama with Blackhorse vets at the Rose Garden Ceremony

When asked why he chose to bestow the Unit Citation now, Mr. Obama answered: “Their actions that day went largely unnoticed for decades until their old Captain, John Poindexter, realized that their service had been overlooked.”

“He spent years tracking down his troopers and gathering their stories, filing reports, fighting for the Silver Stars and Bronze Stars they deserved and bringing us to this day.”


Houston/Southeast Texas Chapter Meeting Coming Up

From Glenn Allardyce:

The next Houston/Southeast Texas Chapter Meeting is coming up in a little more than 1 week from now (Monday night, 19 October @6:30pm)

We are very pleased to have MSG Daniel H. Sellers as our quest speaker. Daniel is the 1SG, Rear Detachment of the 3rd ACR at Ft. Hood, Texas. He is a Blackhorse Association member and over his years of service has numerous tours with the 3rd and 11th ACRs as well as with US Army SOFs. MSG Sellers will be sharing his recent experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please plan on coming to this meeting and bring friends of the regiment with you.

Our Meeting Location remains:
Goode Co Texas Bar-B-Q at 8911 Katy Freeway ( tel: 713 – 464-1901 )

Please RSVP to me by NLT Friday, 16 October 09 so that we can finalize the arrangements at Goode Co. E-mail: ranger70@nullcomcast.net or cell: (281) 787-0727

Click here to download a PDF with more details and our Meeting Agenda.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and please RSVP.

Glenn Allardyce
Houston/SE Texas Chapter


E Troop Leads the Way As IA

Spc. Anthony K. Ganzler, a Sacramento, Calif. native, now a rifleman with 2nd Platoon, E Troop, 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment prepares to move under simulated fire during a situational training exercise, while operating as Iraqi Army at the National Training Center Sept. 12. Soldiers from the 11th ACR take on varied roles to assist rotational training units as they prepare to deploy in support of overseas contingency operations.

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