Blackhorse E-News – September, 2013

Troopers Down

Command Sergeant Major Donald E. Horn.

CSM Horn passed away in Colorado Springs on August 28, 2013 at the age of 86. He entered the Army in July 1945, serving in a variety of infantry, reconnaissance, and tank units in Panama, the United States, and Korea. He was first assigned to the 11th ACR in July 1967 in Vietnam, serving as the regimental operations sergeant and the sergeant major of 3rd Squadron. He was on the 1st Command Sergeant Major list for the Army and was assigned as the 1st Command Sergeant Major of the 11th ACR. After one year as the Command Sergeant Major of the 2nd Armored Division, he volunteered to return to Vietnam where he served as the 4th Command Sergeant Major of the Regiment. In 1987, he became the first Honorary Command Sergeant Major of the Regiment. Among his many awards were the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star with “V” device and four oak leaf clusters, the Air Medal with numerals 22, the Army Commendation Medal with “V” device and four oak leaf clusters, and the Combat Infantry Badge. CSM Horn retired from active duty in 1973 with 22 years of service.

Paul Kevin Sluka.

Paul passed away peacefully in his home on August 20, 2013 in Black Diamond, Washington at the age of 59. Paul entered the Army in 1987 and upon graduating AIT as a 67V Observation Helicopter Repairer, he requested assignment overseas. Paul was assigned to the T Troop, 4/11 ACR in Fulda, Germany (1987-1990). While assigned to the Thunderhorse Squadron, he excelled by achieving Soldier of the Month and Soldier of the Quarter awards, and he achieved the rank of Sergeant. As a true cavalry man, of the many awards he has received, the award that he cherished and talked most often of was the Order of the Spur award, which he received in 1989. Paul PCSd to Fort Hood Texas in 1990 and shortly after his arrival, he deployed with Co A 1/3D AVN AHB to Iraq. Paul ETSd from the Army in 1991. Funeral Services and burial for Paul will be at Tahoma National Cemetery in Covington, Washington May 26, 2014. The address is 18600 SE 240th St., Kent, WA 98042. The exact time has not yet been determined for the service. Please call 425-413-9614 in May 2014 for information on the time of the service.


And You Thought the Desert Was Dry!

Below are some pictures from Fort Irwin after a recent rain storm and flash flood. With no ground cover to slow down or soak up the water, this is what happens. Photo is courtesy of Jack Morrison.




The Origins of the Regiment’s Nickname

The following was provided by Don Snedeker, our Regimental Historian.

I have recently been digging in some 1920s and 1930s editions of the Los Angeles Times (on line, through the Pentagon Library). I came up with some articles about the Regiment that have led me to write the following.

Origin of the Blackhorse Name

The appellation ‘Blackhorse Regiment’ started back in the 1920s and 30s when the 11th Cavalry was stationed on the West Coast. It was peacetime, and Troopers spent a lot of time riding in parades, participating in local horse shows, and demonstrating their riding skills at local, county, and state fairs. The 11th Cavalry polo team was a force to be reckoned with up and down U.S. Highway 101. Troopers were even featured in a number of movies. In 1925, they worked as extras in the chariot scene in Cecil B. DeMille’s epic, The Ten Commandments. Four years later, Troopers mounted up for the film Troopers Three – written by one of their own, former 11th Cavalryman and World War I veteran, Arthur Guy Empey.

Many of these roles were filled by the Troopers stationed at Fort Rosecrans, near San Diego. Officially the men were there to patrol the Mexican border, but many hours were dedicated to their ‘unofficial’ missions — support to Hollywood, Pasadena parades, and LA’s Pageant of Progress. It was probably their unofficial public and film appearances that caused First Squadron’s Bravo Troop in the early 1930s to mount Troopers exclusively on black horses. In a publicity-savvy town like Hollywood, they of course became known as the “Black Horse” troop. The 12th Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel Ben Lear, recognized a good morale booster when he saw one, and soon most of the unit was riding on black horses. By 1938, the Troopers were no longer at Ft. Rosecrans, but they rode their black horses alongside megastar Ronald Reagan in the film Sergeant Murphy. From that time forward, the 11th Cavalry was known throughout the Army as the Blackhorse Regiment.


Special notice:

11th Cavalry Memorial Paver Project

Planning for the relocation of the 11th Cavalry memorial from Fort Knox to the planned new National Armor and Cavalry Museum at Fort Benning has begun. It is anticipated that the first phase of development of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum will be completed by November 2013. Our goal is to complete the move and construction of the new memorial site no later than the end of 2014. This gives us approximately eighteen months to complete the project.

The entire memorial complex will be moved, including the large Vietnam Memorial; the three memorials (obelisks), which are dedicated to the Philippine, World War II, and Iraqi Freedom campaigns; plus the nearly 1,100 granite bricks that surround the memorial. All bricks will be catalogued prior to the move and will be placed in the new location in the same relative position.

The cost of the move will be shared between the Blackhorse Association and the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia. To help offset the cost of this project, both organizations will be offering new granite bricks.

Anyone can purchase a memorial brick for $100. Memorial bricks are a lasting tribute of your service to our regiment, and they enable all of us to participate and show our support for our fellow Blackhorse troopers, whose names are listed on the memorials. The bricks measure 8 x 4 x 2 inches and can accommodate inscriptions of up to three lines of 15 characters per line. Many have chosen to have their name, unit, and years of service with the regiment inscribed on their brick, while others have chosen to have a special message inscribed.

Please help us move our memorial monument to Fort Benning by purchasing one or more bricks. If we are able to raise more funds than needed for the move of the monument with this paver offer, any excess funds will be put into the Blackhorse Association Scholarship Fund.



Exceptional Scholarship Donors


The listings below are for those who have made exceptional donations to our association’s scholarship fund. A current listing can always be found at our website. A sincere thanks goes out to these generous donors.

Allons Club Members as of 1 August 2013 (members or non-members who commit to donating $1000 a year towards the Scholarship Fund):

GEN Donn and Letty Starry (in Memoriam) – Joanne Holbrook Patton (in Memoriam MG George Smith Patton) – Marion and Jamie Leach (in Memoriam COL Jimmie Leach) – Newport Beach Post 291 (and Newport Harbor Post 291 Auxiliary) – Air Cav Troop Vietnam Chapter – LTC (ret) and Mrs. Glenn Allardyce – BG (ret) and Mrs. Doc Bahnsen – Dave and Beate Cowan – BG (ret) John Sherman Crow and Frances G. Jones-Crow – MAJ and Mrs. Jeremy Dobos – Jim Gill – Bob Grossman – Gerald W. Gulley – MG (ret) Larry and Anna Gunderman – Jim Hain – Scott Harrison – Jerry Hensley (and in Memoriam COL Jimmie Leach) – Heekin Family Fund – Bob Hurt – CSM (ret) Bill Hutton – Mr. and Mrs. Dom Izzo – Gene and Mitsi Johnson – Bob and Betty Kelso (and the Betty Stieren Kelso Foundation) – Mary Crystal Kruger – COL (ret) and Mrs. Richard Leibert – Phil Lester – Louis Litkett – Steve Mains – Mr. and Mrs. Eamonn McGeady – Kurt and Katie Neddenriep – Keith Nuchols – John Poindexter – MG (ret) Steve Rippe and Ms. Kate Rice – John Rosenberger – Chris Sims (in memoriam Regina Sims) – SGM (ret) George and Kahtleen Sluzenski – Mark Smith – Glenn and Joan Snodgrass – CSM (ret) John Stephens – Bill and Cindy Stephens – Joe and Suzanne Sutton – MSG (ret) Rick “Gunner” Wagner – Charles and Donna Watkins – CSM (ret) Don Wicks – BG (ret) Tom and Susan White – CSM Edmund Ellsworth and Treva Ellsworth (in memoriam) – Ameripack, Inc (Peter Martin)

1901 Club

Members who gave more than $100:

George Angel, Gerald Gulley, John Sherman Crow, DH Wicks, Timothy Ravago, George Reyes, Thomas Carr, Robert Dorman, William Minard, Andrew Maragos, and Richard Fisher.

Members who gave $100:

Mrs. George Patton, Hunter Dunn, Jr., Stephen Vasy, Carlton Martin, Edward Plymale, Robert Gilbert, Russell Clark, Donald Horn, Stephen Matthews, Charlie Watkins, Richard Stobbs, Frederick Wolfe, Robert Agazzi, Ned Deveraux, Jackie Morrison, Earl Thompson, Donald Snedeker, Stewart McGregor, Alan Binkerd, Charles Joiner, Val Swan, Ken Walker, Paul Boutte, Edward Buening, Danny Rice, Arthur Witt, Melvin Firchau, Stuart Turopolac, Richard Rogers, Monroe Howell, Donald Fischer, Steve Mains, Dale Hruby, John Zaremba Sr., Jim McEvers, John Barber, Olen Mustain, Howard Messick, Lee Gentry, Mitsi Johnson, Gene Johnson, Patrick Murphy, Andrew Manuele, William Emerson, William Butler, Kenneth Ault, John Rosenberger, Donald Barrett, William Heiser, Frances Jones Crow, Frederick Franks, Robert Dorman, Richard Castagna, John Bahnsen, Raymond Rooper, Warren Bricker, James Cottle, Peter Walter, Ishley Gray, Larry Casey, James Benefield, Martin Franklin, Michael Craig, Steven Ogier, Lee Duke, Per Madsen, David Ostrom, Donald L Martin, Steven Kovacs, Dale Smith, Alexander Scott, Larry Mettler, Gerald W. Gulley, JD Woolard, Steven Spriggs, Dallas L. Dixon, Rosalio Gorospe, James O Johns, Joe Sutton, John Cocke, Allen Wilder, William Hancock, Larry Lust, Larry Smith, Richard Coffman, William Hipps, Matthew Denaro, Robert Putney, Mrs. Jimmie Leach, Carl Brown, Phillip Lester, Casy Ross, Gregory Steege, Robert McNeil, Wallace Stromberg, Starling W. Cooper, Russell W. Chisholm, Frank E. Varljen, Philip Dalton, Barry Gordon, George Soli, Roy Curlin, Joe Wiley, Richard Kenyon, Patricia Banks, Ray Banks, Paul Francois, Wade Smith, Dennis Creal, Larry Arft, Timothy Kerns, Michael Stresser, Robert Hellikson, Robert Bond, John Atchley, Paul Rethlake, Richard Cowell, Steven Edwards, Paul Maywald, Donald Hellowell, Tomas Birriel-Carmona, Timothy Knoche, Rickie Walters, Benjamin Curti, Patrick Farrell, John Baer, Michael Meyrick, Lawrence Swartz, Gregory Mason, Matthew Davis, Vincent Sanchez, Donald Pace, Robert Evener, Bernie Blickenstaff, James Cooke, Tom Smart, Dane Nash, Dennis Horan, Manuel Dominguez, Harold Nichols, Richard Freyn, Jerald Eichelberger, William Clark, Leo Pierce, Roy Lingle, Russell Smith, Robert Sunell, Richard Long, John Powell, III, Lloyd Rule, Albert Mertz, Timothy Vincent, Stephen Chipman, Dick Clements, Ronald Weedman, Richard Worley, James Hain, Robert Crisp, Bernard Cullinan, James Foreman, Joseph Gallagher, William Harris, James Fithian, Manuel Tobias, Henry Spindler, Edmund Sieminski, Sammy Rogers, David Sanders, John McDannel, F.E. Egan, Donald Hines, Jeffery Williams, Douglas Campbell, Larry Codfelter, John Atkins, Larry Wheatley, Ivan Trifon, Roger Wortman, James Zanol, Scott Laidlaw, Edward Martinelli, Glen McKinney, Robert Harter, Dennis Van Alstine, Jim Magee, William Morey, Jerry Hensley, Richard Leibert, Leon McDonald, William Trubeck, Jamews Burns, Ernie Ford, Don Hoff, William Bachman, Robert Jean, Bruce Barnes, Daniel Diloretto, Martin McKinley, Francis Rabuffetti, Ted Gamet, Phillip Williams, Harry House, Dewey Bolton, Stephen Dubravac, Daniel Kaufman, John Barrington, Gerald Kallina, Daniel Jones, Larry McDermith, Carey Benfield, Walter Sivik, James Blanchard, Robert Prohaska, Miles Pitman, Robert Bell, James Bell, Walter Ulmer, Michael Buxbaum, Alfred Noetzel, Randall Groncki, Scott Harrison, James Dozier, John Ballentyne III, Albert Westbrook, John Carabetta, Dale Brown, Fred Snyder, Theodore Hollingsworth, William Wolfenden, Dennis Moodie, George Porter Jr, Wallace Nutting, Richard Rucker, Charles Chism, Joel Rock, Howard Lund, Marvin Sellers, John Gerrity III, Tommy Whitaker, Jack Burns, Rick Gramoll, Robert Bohnstadt, Clarence Hartman, Barney Brauker, Drawing winner Richard Canuel, Ralph Cox, William Gray, John Hien, Roger Cooper, Gregory Confair, Robert Nossov, Dennis Jacoba Sr., David Fry, Gary Rieth, Robert Hurt, Brett Tuttle, C R Parker, Jim Shufelt, Robert Mixon Jr., Charles Whitmore, Larry Miller, Keith Nuckols Jr., John Yadon, Joseph Carosella, Cary Kuchenbuch, David Husing, David Foster, Jan Brueckmann, John Grimme, William Etheridge, Daniel Nightengale, Gerald Connolly, Bruce Potter, Marcus Farrant, Dan Ferris, Michael Baker, Stephen Flood, William Ryerson, David Dohm, Larry Gunderman, Charles Joiner, William Jack, Earl Moore, Jr., Michael Bliss, Craig Smith, Robert Kaiser, Robert Schneiter, Dwight Calhoun, Charles Scott, Gary Hunt, Dale Skiles, Stephen R. Morgan, Jack Nelson, James Reed, Evan Matheson, and Randall D. Ponder.


The 23rd Annual Northern California Blackhorse Potluck/BBQ

Saturday, October 5th, 2013
1100 – ???

Slidehill Park, Davis, CA. 95618

Everyone is welcomed to join us for a casual picnic in the park. Bring something to the BBQ, something to share (salad, dessert, or munchies), and your beverage of choice.

Directions: I-80 to Davis. Take the Mace Blvd exit. Go North around bend (Mace becomes Covell Blvd.). Turn Left on Monarch Ln. Take 1st right onto Temple. The park is one block ahead on left.


I-5. to Woodland, exit at Road 102 to Davis. Proceed South to Davis, approx. 8 miles. Turn left at the 1st major intersection – Covell Blvd. Go about 1 mile to Monarch Blvd, turn right, go 1 block. Turn right onto Temple. The park is 1 block ahead on left.

Watch for balloons and signs.
RSVP: Ron Krueger: 530-758-0351


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You can always find the latest news and information on the Blackhorse Association at: https://www.blackhorse.org

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