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Blackhorse E-News Special Trooper Needs Assistance Chris Redman

Below is a link to a news story about a very special Blackhorse veteran who needs our assistance. Chris Redman is an exceptional person who has devoted a lot of his life to helping and serving others while with the Regiment and in civilian life. Now he is fighting his own battle with major medical issues.

Please consider giving to this Blackhorse veteran who has done so much for others and now needs our assistance. The article at the link shows where you can donate to help Chris.


The story of his induction into the Regiment’s Honorary Rolls is reprinted below from our September 2017 E-News.


Induction of Sergeant (Ret.) Christian Michael Redman
into the Honorary Rolls of the Regiment

Blackhorse Troopers from numerous eras and across the United States gathered on August 5, 2017 in Parker, Colorado to attend the formal induction of Sergeant (Ret.) Christian Michael Redman into the Honorary Rolls of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Chris Redman served in C Troop, 1/11 in Fulda in the late 1980s and has been a tireless ambassador for the Blackhorse ever since.

Due to medical issues, Chris was not able to attend this year’s Reunion in Atlanta, and his former 1SG (Ret. CSM Roy Sampson) accepted on his behalf. In keeping with Blackhorse tradition of never leaving a buddy behind, his fellow troopers, family, and friends conducted a “movement to contact” and converged on Chris’ hometown to make sure he experienced the event firsthand. Joining the mission were many family and friends from the Colorado area and beyond.

The 67th Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel Joe Clark, was on hand to conduct the formal ceremony and provide the official pronouncement. The Association is very thankful to Colonel Clark for his efforts and time to be part of this special occasion.

Former 1st Squadron Commander Glenn Snodgrass served as Blackhorse Association President Pete Bayer’s representative and as Master of Ceremonies. He was ably assisted by fellow organizers including Tom Smart, Roy Sampson, Jim Oldenburg, Dan Schultz, and Eamonn McGeady.

Just a few days earlier in Washington, DC, Chris was officially recognized by his Congressman, Representative Ken Buck, who entered a citation into the Congressional Record. Ms. Robin Coran from Rep. Buck’s staff was on hand to read the citation during the ceremony and present a copy to Christian.

Alexis Redman, Chris’ daughter, was on hand to assist her father and share the moment, as were his father David, mother Jackie, and sister Jen.

Also in attendance were numerous friends from all around the area, including several former US Army soldiers and Marines.

Attendees included:

After the ceremony, the group “invaded” a local steakhouse for food and fellowship, complete with a round of formal toasts in Reunion fashion, numerous tales of derring-do, and a robust rendering of “Allons” for those present in the establishment. The chorus performed so well that a patron insisted on buying a round for all, and the group reprised the performance at the piano bar prior to leaving.

Thanks to all who organized and attended this very special event.The Spirit of the Blackhorse is alive and well! Allons!

Eamonn McGeady

Below are photos of the event and the entry into the Congressional Record honoring Chris Redman.

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