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Blackhorse E-Newsletter April 2008




Blackhorse Troopers, Friends and Family!

You are cordially invited to attend the 2008 Blackhorse Reunion-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada from 15 – 18 May 2008. Hosted by The Blackhorse Association, this reunion is open to all past and present TROOPERS who have served with the Regiment as well as their family members and guests. Please consider joining with fellow Blackhorse troopers from all eras of the Regiment’s service!

Further details: The 2008 Blackhorse Reunion-Las Vegas will be held at the Southpoint Hotel & Casino, 9777 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV 89183. Registration and all major social activities will be held at this location. Rooms have been set aside for reunion attendees at a rate of $120 per night from 15 – 18 May 2008.

For reservations at the Southpoint Hotel & Casino, call 866-791-7626, or visit their website at
opens in a new and use the group code “BLA0515”

Registration fee is $75 for adults and $30 for children 12 and under who do not attend the banquet. This fee covers reunion mementos, hors d’oeuvres at the Friday icebreaker social, and the Saturday Banquet with wine.

Please complete the registration form (downloadable at opens in a new ) and make checks payable to “2008 Blackhorse Reunion-Las Vegas” You can also register online with your credit card at: opens in a new

Attendee transportation, including airfare, rental car, and lodging must be organized separately.

For more information, see opens in a new or contact Reunion Registration via email at opens in a new windowreunion@nullblackhorse.orgcreate new email or via phone at (760) 380-4800

Founding of the Allons Club Announced
The Blackhorse Association’s Board of Trustees recently established the Allons Club, new category of charitable giving in order to encourage the growth of the Blackhorse Scholarship Fund.

Benefactors can be members or non-members who commit to donating $1000 a year towards the Blackhorse Scholarship Fund for the next four years. The Association is looking for 100 or more benefactors to this amount in order to take advantage of the matching opportunity we have recently been presented with. Each benefactor’s donation, and all donations to the Blackhorse Scholarship Fund, are being matched dollar for dollar.

The following members and non-members have committed thus far:

Gen (Ret) Donn Starry

Letty Starry
John Poindexter
MG (Ret) Steve Rippe and Ms. Kate Rice
John Sherman Crow
Frances G. Jones
BG (Ret) Tom and Susan White
CSM (Ret) C. C. Brown
CSM (Ret) Bill Hutton
Col (Ret) Glenn Snodgrass
Joan Snodgrass
Col (Ret) and Mrs. Bob Kelso
MAJ and Mrs. Jeremy Dobos
CPT and Mrs. Jeffrey Silverman

If you are interested in supporting the Blackhorse Scholarship Fund over the next four years at this level, please email the Association president, John Sherman Crow at: opens in a new windowjsc11krh@nullbellsouth.netcreate new email

Your donation can be made by sending your check or money order, made payable to “The Blackhorse Association” to the following address:

The Blackhorse Association
ATTN: Scholarship Fund
PO Box 10423
Fort Irwin, CA 92310

You can also process your donation via credit card by calling (760) 380-4800 or by visiting the Blackhorse Association’s store site at opens in a new Your donations of course are tax-deductible under IRS regulation 501 3(c)

Join with others of the extended Blackhorse family and help us to make a difference by supporting the Blackhorse Scholarship Fund!

11 ACR Conducts 1st EIB Test in 4 Years

In February 2008, The Blackhorse Regiment conducted its first Expert Infantryman’s Badge(EIB) test since 2004. The test included: a 12 mile tactical ruck march, day and night land navigation, 1st aide tasks, radio tasks, and weapons tasks to include: hand grenades, claymores, AT4s, machine guns, and javelin. Each soldier also had to qualify as an expert with the M4 machine gun.

94 soldiers qualified for and completed the EIB, earning a badge and the prestige of being an exceptional soldier in the Blackhorse Regiment

Walk Around Tiefort…

A two day, 30 mile, formation ruck march around the base of Tiefort Mountain will be held by the Blackhorse Regiment on April 15, 2008. The first day’s march will consist of 18 miles and at the end of the day soldiers will bivwak, build campfires, cook out and watch a John Wayne classic to relax. The Blackhorse will march 12 miles to complete their “Walk Around Tiefort” on the second day.
Tiefort Mountain makes up part of the southern boundary of the Bicycle Valley Groundwater Basin. It provides one of the main recharges to the basin and is the largest mountain at the National Training Center with an elevation of 5063 feet.

2008 Honor Roll of Donors

James Abrahamson

John Ahl

Glenn Allardyce

William Allen

Clinton Anker

LTG Robert Arter

Robert Baer

John Baer

Joel Baker

James Bateman

John Bellinger

Walter Bowers

Joseph Braddock

Arnold Braswell

Maryln Brown

Sarah Buckley

Joseph Buffington

Jack Burns

Leslie Carter

COL Glenn Carus

James Cary

Dorothy Cason

Gen (Ret) David Cowan

BG (Ret) John Crow

Sara Demby

COLThomas B. Deramus

Bob Donaghe

George Dramis

Susie Duvall

Leroy Dyment Jr

Mark F. Earnest

Robert Fairchild

MG David Fastabend

Carl Finstrom

MG Thomas C. Foley

Fred Franks

Patricia Gates

Thomas Goldsmith

Tom Graves

Gerald Gulley

Andrew Haramis

Ann Haszard

David Hays

Thomas Helm

Woody Herndon

John Hien

Frances Hixon

Alma Hostetler

Garald Jacobsen

Edith S. Jones

Marianne Kiernan

Tom Kirchoff

George Kiss

GEN Frederick Kroesen

Paul Kruger

Adolth Leibert

Dick Leibert

Rev. Robert Lyles

James Mccray

James Mcguire

Thomas Mcroberts

COL (Ret) G.R. Mcspadden

John Miller

Jack M. Mohler

Melanie Mohler

Jack Morrison

Daniel Mulcahey

Kirk Murray

Donald Neal

Maurice Norman

Ron Peden

Col. Ret Walter W. Plummer

Chris Redman

George Reyes

Shelia Richardson

Gen (Ret) Bernard Rogers

Sara Rogers

John L. Romjue

COL (Ret) Carl Sahlin

Charles Simmons

George Sluzenski

Tom Smart

LTC (Ret) Marcel Snyder

Lewis Sorley

John Stephens

Herman Stogner

C.H. Sunder

Robert Sunell

Imogene Swearengen

Jane Taylor

Allen Thomas

Catharine Train

GEN (Ret) William Tuttle Jr.

Universal Voltronics

Robert Ward

Tom White

Ennis Whitehead Jr.

Donald Wicks

Fred Wikner

Elaine Wilson

Beth Witherup

William Zolp

American Legion

Barstow Women’s Club

Point Alpha Support

Tradoc G-2 Friends

Spouse’s Spur Ride


On Saturday, March 1, 2008, the 11th ACR conducted its first ever Spouse’s Spur Ride. The spouses of the Regiment formed company teams to participate in a fun filled event designed to give a taste of what their other halves do for a living.

Each spouse took a modified Army Physical Fitness Test consisting of: one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups, and a quarter mile run. Each participant received instruction on map reading, vehicle identification, radio etiquette, and room clearing. They also threw hand grenades and fired the M-16 Assault Rifle. The teams completed a 100 meter litter carry and a two team movement course while dressed in “full battle rattle” of Kevlar Helmet, IBA, and PPE, at times under fire.
The teams then completed a culminating exercise, putting all of their new skills to the test. Each group mounted a M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, moved to and cleared a building full of firing insurgents, remounted the BFV, and returned to the assembly area. Immediately after dismounting the vehicles, all the spouses completed a written test on the history of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.
Upon completion of the course, spouses were awarded a Silver Spur Charm and a Spur Holder Certificate, something many of them can now boast they have and their soldier does not.

its first ever Spouse’s Spur Ride. The spouses of the Blackhorse R

Welcome New Members for 2008

Lisa Gaskin

Dan T. Miller

Mark F. Orlandi

Anthony J. Phillips

Robert S. Weber

Anthony Soto

Robert A. Allinder

Edward C. Martinelli

Miguel Cesena

Claude E. Lindsey

Eric D. Little

Oliver E. West

Pete W. Hurgronje

David A. Strahl

Michael K. Postlewaite

Randall R. Chapman Sr.

William C. Mazzia Sr.

Robert B. Akam

Herman G. Stogner III

Anthony Magiera

Dwain E. Winstead

James M. Gill Jr.

Larry Levasseur

Thomas G. Goldsmith

Michael P. Barbero

Evan L. Hartenstein

Rene B. Porras

Seth J. Renfro

Lincoln K. Keanini

Shane T. Bateman

Ronald J. Kui Ken

David J. Brady

Candace L. Mobley

Patrick J. Halloran

Christopher J. Eby

Jerry C. Harbold

Benjamin O. Konger

Anthony P. Berry

Robert Wooldrige

Karl M. Harness

David Molina-Nunez

Edward W. Wise

Raymond F. Allard

Johnny O. Hortizuela

Christopher M. Mugavero

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