Blackhorse E-Newsletter April 2009


Dear Members,
I received the letter below from the CG, USAARMC and Fort Knox regarding the relocation of the Home of Armor from Fort Knox to Fort Benning. The Army is amalgamating The Home of Infantry and The Home of Armor at Fort Benning into The Home of Maneuver.
This restructuring will take place over the next several years.
You will note from the CG’s letter that he would like to move all the Armor and Cavalry unit monuments to the new monument park planned for Fort Benning.
I have been told we do not need to rush to a decision. USAARMC will not need our decision until October 2009 and any monument moves would probably not take place before 2011 or even 2012.
I intend to make this information and any subsequent information available to as many Blackhorse Association members as possible and likewise to the 11thACVVC. Our decision needs to be made by our full Blackhorse Family.
It is my intent to locate a member that can work this very emotional issue among our entire Blackhorse Family so that our decision is a unified one. We will make every effort to post information as it becomes available on the Association website at and via our Blackhorse E-News email program.
Please read completely the CG, USAARMC’s letter below:
Watch your Blackhorse E-News email and the website for more information.
Allons! and Blackhorse Forever!
John Sherman Crow
Pres. 2008-2009

SUBJECT: Annual BHA officer elections
Some time ago General Crow appointed me to chair the nominating committee for our elections at the reunion this year that will provide BHA leadership until the 2010 Houston reunion. All members of the Fulda reunion planning committee agreed to serve on the nominating committee.
Glenn Snodgrass, Chairman
Bob Sunell
Dave Cowan
Tom Smart
Bob Grossman
Chris Conrad
Wes Walters
Roger Cirillo
John Baer
John Rosenberger
Steve Steininger
Bob Akam
Clint Ancker
Bob Hurt
Don Snedeker
Tom White
Guy Swan
John Stephens
The committee has studied the leadership situation of the Association, and considered many people and options. We unanimously recommend that the current slate of officers, led by John Sherman Crow, and assuming they all agree, stay in place for an additional year until an election can be held at the Houston reunion in 2010. The current team has made tremendous progress this past year and, given one more year, they can position our Association even better for the future. By our by-laws, we will have a general membership meeting at the Fulda reunion, and we anticipate the quorum necessary to handle the legal aspects. Should any member of the Association wish to submit other names for consideration, those nominations would be welcome. We ask that other nominations be submitted to me by email ( or regular mail (7830 South Valley Drive, Fairfax Station, VA, 22039) no later than the 1st of June so that we have time to make necessary preparations before the reunion.
Glenn Snodgrass

The 19TH Annual Northern California Blackhorse Potluck/BBQ

Saturday, June 20,2009
1100 – ???
Slidehill Park, Davis, CA. 95618

Everyone is welcome to join us for a casual lunch in the park. Bring something to BBQ, something to share (salad, dessert, or munchies) and your beverage of choice.
I-80 to Davis. Take the Mace Blvd exit. Go North, around bend (Mace becomes Covell Blvd) Turn Left on Monarch Ln. Take1st right onto Temple. Park is one block ahead on left.
——-OR——– Woodland, exit at Road 102 to Davis. Proceed South to Davis, approx. 8 miles.
Turn left at the 1st major intersection – Covell Blvd.
Go about 1 mile to Monarch Blvd, turn right, go1 block.
Turn right on Temple. Park is 1 block ahead on left.

Watch for balloons and signs

RSVP: Ron Krueger: 530-758-0351

American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291 Raises $6700 for Blackhorse!

The Hoedown raised $6,700 for the Blackhorse Assn. and I want to thank all of the soldiers and wives who attended.

Steve Spriggs, Commander
American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291

Notes from Baghdad
Update from Blackhorse Trooper MG Guy Swan III

Greetings once again from Baghdad, Iraq. As I write the Provincial Councils and Provincial Governors elected in late January are being seated across Iraq. This peaceful transition of power at the provincial level is a significant step forward in the political life of the country and provides a positive base to build on for upcoming elections in the Kurdistan region this summer and the national parliamentary elections at the end of the year.

Responsible Drawdown of US Forces in Iraq – As President Obama announced in his speech at Camp Lejeune, NC on February 27, 2009, US forces will complete their combat mission in Iraq on August 31, 2010. At that point the US military mission will shift to an advise and assist role to continue the important work of developing the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). A transitional force of 35,000-50,000 personnel will continue that mission through to the end of the Iraq-US Security Agreement on December 31, 2011. What all this means in real terms is that as the security situation in Iraq has stabilized, and Iraq continues to develop its own security forces, there is a decreasing need for US combat forces. There remains important work, however, in building the capacity of the ISF and that will become our primary mission. At this point in America’s involvement in Iraq this make sense. We have achieved much in reducing insurgent groups, protecting the population, and creating a security environment that enables the Government of Iraq (GoI) to work on the really tough issues of building civil capacity, providing essential services, and engaging in the political processes of a newly sovereign Iraq. As US forces draw down, there is an increasingly important role developing for our US Government interagency partners and the US Embassy here in Iraq. Supporting improvements in governance and the rule of law takes a team effort across a wide spectrum of agencies and departments. The US military will continue to assist Iraqi forces in combating terrorism, protect US citizens, and partner with Iraqi counterparts to provide a security umbrella under which other aspects of Iraqi civil life can flourish.
Civil Service Personnel Development – As I have reported before, a big part of MNF-I’s mission, in addition to fighting extremists, insurgents, and terrorists in Iraq, has been enhancing the capabilities of the ISF. While this continues and will become an even bigger part of the mission, Iraq faces significant needs in growing a competent, professional corps of civil servants to man the ministries and keep the wheels of government turning. Iraq has embarked on such a "people development" process with the help of the US Embassy and MNF-I. Within the Ministry of Defense, for example, the GoI has established the Ministerial Training and Development Center (MTDC). In November 2008, the MoD implemented reforms to professionalize its civilian workforce. This year over 150 elective professional development classes covering 84 topic areas will be taught at the MTDC. Over 2,100 students will attend during 2009, up from just 672 in 2008 as the MTDC validates it hard-earned reputation as the center of excellence for the training and education of Iraq’s next generation of security professionals.
Counter-Terrorism Forces Development – A critical component of the Iraqi Security Forces are the counter-terrorism (CT) forces. Grouped under the national Counter-Terrorism Bureau (CTB), Iraq’s CT forces continue their development and professionalization. With MNF-I’s assistance, the CTB recently opened a world-class training center capable of training up to a 440 person, battalion size commando force. By December 2009 two other such facilities will be added. Great emphasis has also been placed on developing a vetted process for the conduct of special operations aimed at capturing Iraq’s most dangerous and most notorious high value criminals and terrorists on the national "most wanted list." Based in the rule of law, CT forces are building strong relationships with the Iraqi justice system to ensure that duly sworn warrants become a key component of this targeting effort. Another critical player in Iraq’s CT fight is the National Information and Investigations Agency (NIIA), "Iraq’s FBI." The General Directorate for CT within NIIA is responsible for all CT investigations and related intelligence operations. During 2009, this key CT agency will train over 400 new investigators, including a growing number of female investigators, and expand the number of field offices operating in the provinces in support of law enforcement agencies and the CTB.
Much of what I described here can be summarized as "building capacity" within Iraqi government and society. As security stabilizes it is this effort at maturing governmental institutions and encouraging good governance that is rapidly becoming a major element of MNF-I and the US Embassy’s mission and strategy in Iraq. The more we are able to get Iraqi-owned, operated, and led capabilities up and self-sustaining, the stronger they become as a viable nation in the region. Our efforts to support this are synchronized with the President’s responsible drawdown plan. However, several recent tragic events are reminders that complacency cannot be allowed to set in as the threats posed by extremist groups, terrorists, and criminals remain real and lethal.
Again, your feedback is appreciated ( or as is your support for the young leaders and troopers we have here in Iraq doing the most amazing things on the part of our Nation and the Iraqi people.



An open letter to Veterans

From Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki

WASHINGTON (AFRNS) — Following is an open letter to Veterans from Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki:

"My name is Ric Shinseki, and I am a Veteran. For me, serving as secretary of Veterans Affairs is a noble calling. It provides me the opportunity to give back to those who served with and for me during my 38 years in uniform and those on whose shoulders we all stood as we grew up in the profession of arms.

"The Department of Veterans Affairs has a solemn responsibility to all of you, today and in the future, as more Veterans join our ranks and enroll to secure the benefits and services they have earned. I am fully committed to fulfilling President Obama’s vision for transforming our department so that it will be well-positioned to perform this duty even better during the 21st century. We welcome the assistance and advice of our Veterans Service Organizations, other government departments and agencies, Congress, and all VA stakeholders as we move forward, ethically and transparently, so that Veterans and citizens can understand our efforts.

"Creating that vision for transforming the VA into a 21st-century organization requires a comprehensive review of our department. We approach that review understanding that Veterans are central to everything VA does. We know that results count, that the department will be measured by what we do, not what we promise, and that our best days as an organization supporting Veterans are ahead of us. We will fulfill President Lincoln’s charge to care for ". . . him, who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan . . ." by redesigning and reengineering ourselves for the future.

"Transforming any institution is supremely challenging; I know this from my own experience in leading large, proud, complex, and high-performing organizations through change. But the best organizations must be prepared to meet the challenging times, evolving technology and, most importantly, evolving needs of clients. Historically, organizations that are unwilling or unable to change soon find themselves irrelevant. You and your needs are not irrelevant.

"Veterans are our clients, and delivering the highest quality care and services in a timely, consistent and fair manner is a VA responsibility. I take that responsibility seriously and have charged all of the department’s employees for their best efforts and support every day to meet our obligations to you. Our path forward is challenging, but the president and Congress support us. They have asked us to do this well — for you. Veterans are our sole reason for existence and our Number 1 priority — bar none. I look forward to working together with all VA employees to transform our department into an organization that reflects the change and commitment our country expects and our Veterans deserve.

"Thank you, and God bless our military, our Veterans, and our nation."

Eric K. Shinseki

Trooper Requests:


I’ve been getting the news letter for awhile, wanted to get into the e-mail link…I was the 1st Sqdn FSE SGT from Dec 87-90, been wanting to make the reunions, will try next year…note Eagleye was the nickname col then Gen now Abrams gave me in Graf…Serv with him again when he was the 2nd ID CDR, I would like to hear from those who remember me….thanks
Jim lightfoot

7524 Wister Pl
Charlotte, NC 28210
704 451-1130

Blackhorse Troopers!
You can now purchase your Blackhorse Memoriabilia through the Blackhorse Gear Link on our website or you can go directly to
Happy Shopping!

Remember When…

Who is this Lt, what was his job in the 3/11th ACR, when was he stationed in BH and where is he standing?
Do you remember when?
We would love to hear your guesses and any nostalgic comments you have about this specific photo.
We will try publish most of the replies that we receive in the next E-Newsletter.
Last month’s Remember When:

o QUESTION: What is the designation of this tank? Where is it located? Which unit does it belong to and what year is this?
o ANSWER: M60A-1 Location – in front of Squadron Headquarters, the old PX can be seem behind the tank, I believe that this is a M Troop tank (Bill Clark can you confirm? This could also be a K Troop Tank, as I believe they moved in the barracks, several floors above Squadron Headquarters, in the late 1970’s). The year is the somewhere in the late 70’s (Bill/Siegfried) – can you confirm?). This photo was taken several years after I left the regiment in August 1973. Acc. To Siegfried 1976Open House


I looked at this month’s "Remember when" and I believe it is at Bad Hersfeld, 3rd SQDN. The M60A1 RISE (see the side loading air filter) would be in front of M Co at the north end of their parking area. Over the searchlight is HHT/Border Operations building (bars on the window were a give-a-way) and over the back deck is the PX/bank/snack bar (SFC Emil Stabley’s hangout)/book store/Katie’s Laundry building. It looks like German/American Family Day, either 1983 or 84 because the berets were the uniform then. Thanks for some great memories! p.s. My LIFE Membership Certificate is signed by Bill Squires, how many of those are still around?

Warren Wilmoth
3/11 ACR 1972-1976, 1987-1989

The tank is a M48 (I cannot see the muzzle but may be a M48A1). The
year would be somewhere shortly after 1957 (which is the year I gyroed
with the 11th from Ft. Knox to Germany and we took the first M48s to
Germany). These "Patton" tanks had 90mm guns and were made to battle
Soviet tanks at the Czech border. (Replacement of these tanks began in
the late 1970 with the M60 and a 105mm gun.) The photo was taken at one of our three locations" Straubing, Landshut or Regansburg.
Chuck Wright
1st Bn, Co. B Mansfield Kaserne, Straubing
Recon Platoon Leader / Tank Company Commander
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The tank is a M-60A1 & it is parked in front of I Troop, 3/11 ACR, Bad Hersfeld, Germany. SFC Michael G. Mowry RET 19D40R "ACE" "Shout out to the 11th CAV" 1978-1985. Lima & India Trooper.

This month’s picture is of an M60A1 (probably a RISE Model) belonging to Mike Company,3rd Squadron,11th ACR on McPheeters Barracks, Bad Hersfeld. (I am not 100% sure as I was in Howitzer Battery.) The picture was taken at one of the German – American Freundschaft festivals we had, and from the color of the Buildings and the style of uniform the Soldiers are wearing, I would say summer 1977 or 78. Parked behind it (under the bustle rack of the M60 you can just barely see the back of the turret) is an M551 Sheridan.
The building in the left background was the Squadron HQs, the three small windows were the Squadron S2 office. The building in the far background was the Snack Bar (called the Border Inn) and the PX (2nd Floor). In the basement was Katies (the laundry pick up point)
We would line the Tracked vehicles (German (from our partnership unit) & American) in front of the Squadron Headquarters for all to view.
This was always a great hit for the Youngsters and the older Germans.
We would set up the carnival rides and all the booths on the Parade field.
SGM James Winslow
2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
Camp Liberty, Baghdad, Iraq

The Tank is a new M60A3! late 79 early 80, At 12’O’Clock is the front gate! at 1 is Border OPS, at 2 is K Troop and Squadron Headquarters and PAC, 3? The APO, The Laundry, The Barbershop, Snack Bar, Class IX, and the PX, 4? The mess hall, and "Ole Bill", 5? up the hill. the motor pool, 6? the SMO, 7 The Theater and the Gym. 8? I Troop and L Troop, 9? The Side Gate! 10? D Battery 1/32ADA/ How Battery 3/11 and last (Giving my props to the rest of the Regiment) THE BEST "TANK Co." (Co. M) 3/11 ACR. In the Picture at the left road wheel is SP5 Harry Harrison, on the Gun Mantel is Sgt Eddy Marcantell, in the TC hatch is SP5 Hedinn and on top facing away is SFC Jose Rivera! Me? I was on a plane. PCS’ing from 3/5 Air Cav 9th ID The Photo was taken at McPheaters Barracks, Bad Hersfeld!!!

Thank you all for sharing your memories!

The Houston/Southeast Texas Chapter of The Blackhorse Association
DATE: 20 April 2009

DAY: Monday night

TIME: 6:30 PM – Go thru the Bar-B-Q line, then upstairs to eat
7:00 PM – Meeting Starts

LOCATION: Goode Co Texas Bar-B-Q
8911 Katy Freeway
(713) 464-1901

The guest speaker will be Mr. Wolf Biedenfeld, the Houston Region VA Officer Supervisor.

We will be updating us on Veteran’s Benefits and current VA Activities

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