Blackhorse E-Newsletter February 2009

This E-News is distributed to remind the 3500 members in our email address book of important information concerning the Association:

The 2009 Scholarship offerings to eligible and deserving children of the Blackhorse will consist of our traditional $6,000 scholarships and for the first time, The Blackhorse Scholars Scholarship, which is a full scholarship with a value of up to $100,000. That’s right, up to $100,000. This new offering is made possible by our anonymous donor. Initial indications are that we should be in a position financially to award two Blackhorse Scholars Scholarships. Parents/guardians and eligible children should study the scholarship criteria at the Programs and Scholarship link of our new web site at Applications must be completed and submitted to the Director of Scholarships no later than 1 April 2009. Please share this reminder with all our Blackhorse family.

Fulda Reunion is a GO!!! The reunion committee reports over 200 have committed and the number is growing. Get all the details from our new website at where the committee has provided printable registration forms for your convenience. All this and more can be viewed from the "Programs" link by clicking Fulda Reunion 2009. Glenn Snodgrass is the chair for the reunion and may be contacted at The reunion committee has established

a special website with hotel information, printable registration forms and a list of those already planning to attend. Look at their site at Note it is .com and the Association web is at .org. Join us in Fulda. This will probably be our last overseas reunion.

The Blackhorse Newsletter will be posted to you in the next few weeks. The membership database, our source for current mailing addresses, has been completely reviewed but we still find that some our names do not match the proper address. Some of you get the newsletter but the name is that of another member. Please, if your newsletter is not properly addressed, contact Gene Johnson at and he will make it right. To date, he has made over 2000 corrections from our 19,100 membership base.

Finally, I remind all of you that we need your financial support. Don’t put it off—go to the web and make a secure online donation or print out a donation form and mail your donation. A small amount from the many instead a large amount from a few is the way we will grow our Association. Help us make 2009 our best ever.

Allons! and Blackhorse Forever!

John Sherman Crow
President, 2008-2009

The American Legion in Newport CA. (Post 291) are having our annual fund raiser for the Blackhorse (11th Cav) scholarship fund. The first priority of the fund is the survivors of our guys K.I.A. in Iraq.

Soldiers from the present 11th Cav stationed at N.T.C. Ft. Erwin, are invited at no cost.Every penny we collect goes to the fund-not the post. Due to the poor economy, we are expecting a smaller crowd than usual, and fewer raffle prize donations. My request is for anyone on your e-mail list who is willing to either sponsor a G. I. from Ft. Irwin, at $25 per ticket, or even send a couple of bucks, it would be greatly appreciated. (I just bought two tickets for soldiers.) A few years ago Gunner and his friends in the Philippines sent a check for $1000. He’s my hero for that!

If anyone wants to participate, or if a V.F.W or American Legion. V.V.A, etc wants to help, that would be great, too. The address is: American Legion Post 291, 215 15th St., Newport Beach, Ca. 92663. Tel. (949)-673-5070. All donations should have in the memo "11th Cav Scholarship". Thanks. Jerry Williamson

Houston/Southeast Texas Chapter

Upcoming Events

The Houston/Southeast Texas Chapter of the Blackhorse Association will be holding its next quarterly chapter meeting in Houston on Monday night, 20 April 2009. We will be having a special guest speaker from the Houston VA Hospital and Regional Center who will be giving an update on veteran benefits. Location: Goode Co Texas Bar-B-Q, 8911 Katy Freeway (713) 464-1901 Time: The Dinner/Meeting begins at 6:30 PM. Arrive NLT 6:30 PM, go thru the serving line to get and pay for your Bar-B-Q, then go upstairs to our meeting area on the balcony above. Contact/RSVP: Glenn Allardyce (281) 787-0727 or Bob Donaghe (281) 435-5255

The Houston/Southeast Texas Chapter of the Blackhorse Association will be holding its next BHA Houston 2010 Reunion Planning & Execution Team Meetings on Monday night, 9 February, Monday night 9 March and Monday night, 6 April. Location: Goode Co Texas Bar-B-Q, 8911 Katy Freeway (713) 464-1901. Time: The Dinner/Meeting begins at 6:30 PM. Arrive NLT 6:30 PM, go thru the serving line to get and pay for your Bar-B-Q, then go upstairs to our meeting area on the balcony above. PLEASE COME AND PARTICIPATE – WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS. Contact/RSVP: Glenn Allardyce (281) 787-0727 or Bob Donaghe (281) 435-5255

Allons Club Charter Members
As of: 31 Jan 09

Gen.(Ret) Donn Starry
Letty Starry
John Poindexter
MG (Ret) Steve Rippe and Ms. Kate Rice
Major and Mrs. Jeremy Dobos
John Sherman Crow
Frances G. Jones-Crow
BG (Ret) Tom and Susan White
CSM (Ret) C.C. Brown
CSM (Ret) Bill Hutton
COL (Ret) Glenn Snodgrass
Joan Snodgrass
Betty and Bob Kelso
LTC (Ret) and Mrs. Glenn Allardyce
CSM (Ret) John Stephens and Vickie
MSG(Ret) Rick "Gunner" Wagner
Jerry and Sandy Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. Dom Izzo
Mr. F. Scott Tuck
BG(Ret) and Mrs. Doc Bahnsen
Bob and Lois Hurt
COL(Ret) Dave Cowan and Beate
SGM(Ret) George Sluzenski and Kathleen
Bob Grossman
CSM (Ret) Don Wicks
COL(Ret) and Mrs. Richard Leibert
Phil Lester
Joe and Suzanne Sutton
Charlie Watkins
Francis Gowie, Jr.
Wesley Walters
BG (Ret) Jimmy Leach and Marion
Bill and Cindy Stephens
Mary Crystal Kruger
Gene and Mitsi Johnson

Alpha Troop Receives PUC Award

A day ago, we received the news that Alpha Troop has been awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. This is the country’s highest unit award and it is very rare. This means, roughly, that each person who fought in Alpha troop in War Zone C is receiving the equivalent of a Silver Star. (Alpha troopers don’t actually get a Silver Star, that’s just approximately what the award means.) This is a great honor and there will be a ceremony or ceremonies ahead for us. We will keep you advised.
Needless to say, I feel deeply moved by the award and by your valor and loyalty.
Attached is the notification letter from the Secretary of the Army.
John Poindexter


For a fun night with a western theme, the cowboys and cowgirls all gather at the Post 291 corral and saloon for an evening of BBQ and "Foot Stomp’n" Music. This is a special fundraiser for the Blackhorse Association of the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment and their special Scholarship Fund they make available to kids who have lost a parent in the war. Tickets are now available. Call (949) 673-5070. For further details, click the link below or if not activated, highlight, cut and paste the link into your address bar.

Blackhorse Troopers!
You can now purchase your Blackhorse Memoriabilia through the Blackhorse Gear Link on our website or you can go directly to
Happy Shopping!

Remember When…

Workhorse Troopers, What is this?

Do you remember when?

We would love to hear your guesses and any nostalgic comments you have about this specific photo.

We will try publish most of the replies that we receive in the next E-Newsletter.


Last month’s Remember When: Former Gate
The picture is of the Main Gate to McPheeters Barracks in Bad Hersfeld. I was stationed there from Jan 77 to Sept 80, and again in 86 & 87 as an Army Reservist. Through the gate to the left was the Squadron Border Operations office, the Building also housed the Squadron Headquarters and Kilo Troop. The Squadron personnel office was on the third floor. The Building to the right was the home of Howitzer Battery, Mike (Tank) Company and Bravo Battery 2/2 Air Defense Artillery. I was assigned to Howitzer Battery 3/11 until Sept 1979 and worked in Squadron Border Operations until I moved to Fulda in 1980.

SGM James R. Winslow
2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
Camp Liberty, Iraq.

This photo apperes to be the Kaserne main gate at Regensburg Ger.around 45,46 – from

The picture is what was the entrance to McPheeters Barracks. The building on the left housed the troopers of HHT 3/11th ACR 75-76. My room was on the top floor and you can see the window to my room. The building in the background was Squadron Maintenance and Squadron Commo. I had the honor of serving with the Workhorse from 75-81, the Ironhorse from 83-85, and the Blackhorse from 86-87. What I liked most about the 11th ACR was not just the high caliber and competence of the senior officers and most junior officers but the outstanding abilities, leadership, friendship and mentoring I received among the Non-Coms. J.D. Cross

Thank you all for sharing your memories!

Iraq Update from MG Swan:
Belated Happy New Year from Baghdad. The new year here rang in a very different strategic situation in Iraq due, in part, to two major milestones. On 31 December 2008 UN Security Council Resolution 1790, which authorized the Multi-National Force in Iraq, expired and on 1 January 2009 Iraq once again became a sovereign nation. The presence of US forces in Iraq is now governed by the US-Iraq bilateral Security Agreement ratified by the Iraqi parliament in December. US forces continue their mission now as guests invited by a host nation. Clearly, this new strategic environment changes the conditions under which our courageous young service members execute their tasks, but the mission remains the same and our troopers remain committed to long term mission success.
Provincial Elections – The second milestone will come on 31 January 2009 when 15 million20Iraqis once again go to the polls, this time in provincial elections. In the most sweeping set of elections since the famous 2005 national elections (you will recall the ink-stained fingers), Iraqis in 14 of 18 provinces cast ballots for provincial councils and governors. There is a challenge period that expires near the end of February and newly elected provincials will be seated in March. The remaining four provinces that make up the Kurdish region of the country will conduct elections in May for provincial councils and a new Kurdish Regional Government. There will be other local district and sub-district elections throughout the summer and the year will culminate with the quadrennial national elections in December which will result in a new parliament and potentially a new Prime Minister. I guess you can see why 2009 is called the "year of elections" and year that is truly pivotal to the future success of Iraq. The more Iraqis get to practice the voting process the better they become at this critical element of representative government.
Security and Stability – I mentioned last time that the command’s focus on building security force capacity is shifting from the military to other security forces. With US assistance Iraq is building a very credible set of "homeland security forces." Under the Ministry of the Inte rior, we are seeing the growth of two important agencies – the Directorate of Border Enforcement (DBE) and the Ports of Entry Directorate (POED). Both of these agencies, along with the Coastal Border Guard, are charged with safeguarding Iraqi borders in order to stop the flow of foreign terrorists and facilitators and enhance Iraq’s economic situation. Likewise, the Facilities Protection Service and Oil Police are improving their critical infrastructure protection capabilities. Along with the highly respected National Police, the Iraqi version of the Italian Carabinieri, Iraq’s non-military security forces are growing in size and professionalism daily. This is good news for the people of Iraq and has profound impact on the confidence of potential foreign investors, diplomatic mission, and international organizations that are seeking to establish a presence in Iraq.
Economic Development – As the security situation in Iraq stabilizes, the focus of MNF-I and the US Embassy is shifting to assist the Government of Iraq (GoI) in other areas. One critical area is economic development. As Iraq works its way out of decades of a command economy mentality, there are a number of key initiatives underway – primarily driven by Iraqis themselves – with support from USAID, the UN, OECD, World Bank, other NGOs, and the international business community. Curren tly, Iraq’s economy is totally dependent on oil production and oil prices. So in order to diversify, the GoI has established a very important institution – the National Investment Commission (NIC). Part of the NIC’s responsibility is the issuance of licenses for large-scale development and construction projects. Because this is a new initiative the NIC is still developing rules and regulations that the NIC Chairman must submit to the Council of Ministers for approval. We are encouraging an expeditious approval process as there are currently 34 pending projects totaling over $2.2B dollars awaiting licensure. These projects include hotels to support a growing tourism industry, agricultural greenhouses, livestock feed factories, residential complexes, brick, asphalt, and cement factories, and even shopping and entertainment venues. At the provincial level, Provincial Investment Commissions (PIC) are standing up as well. This is occurring with mixed success with some provinces at early entry stage while some, like Basrah Province, have well-developed investment strategies (see ; This year, as with elections, will see a concerted local, provincial, and national focus on attracting both domestic and foreign investment in Iraq. It goes without saying, that this is perhaps the most important way to solidify the security gains that have occurred over the past year as Iraq moves forward to self-sufficiency, provision of essential services, and=2 0good governance.
All of the above and many other economic, political, diplomatic, security, and rule of law efforts are critical to our ultimate goal – that of a achieving a strategic partnership between Iraq and the United States. There are many hopeful signs as I look across the country, but we must remain vigilant to guard against forces that seek to undermine Iraq in its effort to shake off years of tyranny in order to assume a central role in the future of the Middle East.
If you have questions or areas of interest you would like me to discuss in these periodic updates, please let me know. Email is best at or
And as always, thank you for your support of the great Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Civilians who serve on this amazing US Embassy and MNF-I team.
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