Blackhorse Marathon

Blackhorse Marathon

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Become a Sponsor of The 2024 Blackhorse Marathon in Honor of MG Sunell at Fort Irwin. Hang Your Firm’s Banner At The Finish Line!!
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About the Blackhorse Marathon

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The race in Fulda originated under MG Sunell then COL Sunell the 48th RCO of The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in 1977. The race was created to bring the members of the 11th ACR and the local community together. The original race was called the Cavalry Marathon. The original race required a certain amount of troopers to participate and finish. The race originally was a half marathon, participants who wanted to complete the full marathon had to run the course twice. Then COL Sunell and his driver Bobby Bell drove around and set the course. Then COL Sunell wanted to limit the elevation of the route. He tasked How Battery to survey and certify the course.

The Cavalry Marathon became one of the largest marathons in West Germany during the 80’s. Fellow members of NATO and visitors from the different countries of Western Europe would travel to run in the marathon.

When the regiment moved to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA the tradition of the marathon continued. In 2005 the marathon was not ran due to the regiments deployment to Iraq. The race was ran in 2021,2022 and 2023.

In 2024 The Blackhorse Association has become a sponsor of the marathon. The vision of The BHA is to have the marathon grow into a qualifier for The Boston Marathon and attract high caliber runners.

The mission of The Blackhorse Association is to full fill a promise MG Patton then COL Patton who promised a mortally wounded trooper during the Vietnam War to take of the children of the regiment and to support our troopers. The BHA keeps that promise today by giving out scholarships to the children of present and past troopers.


Blackhorse Marathon with Arrows

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Blackhorse Marathon

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