Blackhorse Memorial website launched

The 11th Cavalry Memorial is located in Pattons’ Park at Fort Benning, Georgia. The memorial is dedicated to the bravery and selfless sacrifice of countless Blackhorse troopers who have served with the 11th Cavalry since the regiment was formed in 1901.

And now with the creation and launch of the official Blackhorse Memorial website at, the fallen of our regiment have a permanent home on the internet.

The site was made possible through the support of the Blackhorse Association and the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia Association. Several individuals provided key assistance, including Blackhorse Association webmaster Greg Hallmark, Blackhorse Association member Allen Hathaway, and Major Joe Roberts from the Center for Army Analysis at Fort Belvoir.

Allen and Joe compiled a database of the names and pertinent details of every fallen trooper, including personal biography, units served, campaign, date and place of casualty, interment location, and photos. Greg created the site to house this information, and the site is fully searchable and organized by campaign, beginning with the Philippine Insurrection of 1902-1905 and ending with the Iraq War.

Please visit the Blackhorse Memorial website at

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