This is a second announcement for this newly named annual scholarship. We have had several inquiries about the new Cold Steel Scholarship; this has prompted us to review the original awarding priority. In order to be fully in accordance with our by-laws, we have modified those priorities as noted below.

The Blackhorse Association is pleased to announce the establishment of the COLD STEEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND. This special fund is a new formal element of our scholarship program, and it is the first troop-level named scholarship established by members of the Association. Two anonymous donors with long-time ties to C TROOP and the Blackhorse have established the fund, and they agreed to match up to $3000 per year.

The stated purpose of the COLD STEEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND is to honor the sacrifices of all COLD STEEL Troopers down through the years and support the Blackhorse Association. The scholarship will be awarded annually in the following priority:

  1. Child or stepchild of a present or former member of COLD STEEL (C Troop) killed in combat while in service to the Regiment
  2. Child or stepchild of a present or former member of COLD STEEL (C Troop) disabled due to a wound/injury sustained in combat or during active service to the Regiment
  3. Child or stepchild of a present or former member of COLD STEEL (C Troop) seeking educational advancement
  4. Awardee determined per discretion of the Blackhorse Association Scholarship Committee
  5. All recipients must conform with all other requirements of the Blackhorse Scholarship Program.
    1. The recipient must be a graduating high school senior or enrolled in an accredited college or university at the undergraduate level or accredited tech/trade school or junior/community college.
    2. The recipient must use the scholarship(s) by his/her 30th birthday.

You will be hearing more about the fund in the coming months through various media. It is easy to contribute. Simply mail your tax-deductible check to:

The Blackhorse Association
ATTN: Treasurer
Daniel M. Caughey, CPA
PO Box 1712
Mill Valley, CA 94942

Note: Your donation must include reference to the COLD STEEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND to ensure it is credited into the proper account. We will be working on a method for electronic transfer, but in the interim, a check will do. Any check greater than $250 will receive a formal acknowledgement from the Association that will also serve as documentation for the IRS.

This is a great opportunity to be part of a new chapter in Association history and show how COLD STEEL continues to lead the way. The matching funds are in place, so now is the time for all COLD STEEL TROOPERS, family, and friends to mount up and be a part of our great tradition honoring our Regiment, and especially those Troopers who made the ultimate sacrifice.


For more information, please contact Bob Hurt:

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