Our Association is totally dependent on contributions from our members. We need donations to fund (1) the basic operations of the Association, and (2) our Scholarship Fund. The Blackhorse Association, Inc. is classified as an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, and all donations are tax deductible. We will gladly welcome any level of contribution for either category of funding. Please consider donations in memoriam for others who have passed on, or identify the Blackhorse Association as a recipient of donations from your holdings or estate.

There are two easy ways to give:

  1. You can use our secure online credit card system. Just click the desired “Donation” button below.
  2. You may click here to download and print a Blackhorse Association Donation Form (PDF) and mail your check or money order to:
    The Blackhorse Association
    ATTN: Treasurer
    Daniel M. Caughey, CPA
    PO Box 1712
    Mill Valley CA 94942

If you are interested in donating to our scholarship fund, please visit our Scholarship page for all information about our Scholarship program, along with a list of recent scholarship recipients.

Planned Giving with Ambassador Advisors

Reduce taxes while supporting The Blackhorse Association

The Blackhorse Association has partnered with Ambassador Advisors, a trusted financial and legacy planning firm. For more information, please go here.


Click here to Donate to our Operation Fund (Opens in a new window)

Allons Club

Allons logoThe Blackhorse Association has established the Allons Club category of charitable giving in order to encourage the growth of the Blackhorse Scholarship Fund.

Benefactors can be members or non-members who commit to donating $1000 a year towards the Scholarship Fund. The Association is looking for 100 or more benefactors to commit to this amount, which would ensure that we could continue to help fund education for our sons and daughters for many years to come. Recent donors are listed below.

If you are interested in supporting the Scholarship Fund at this level, please contact us, or click on the red Scholarship button above.

Allons Club Members:

2023 Allons Club Donors

Bill Stephens  –  Dave Cowan’s Arkansas BBQ  –  Donald Snedeker  –  James Benefield  –  Clint Anker  –  Finish Line  –  Peter C Bayer  –  Tomas Smart  –  John Sherman Crow  –  Allison Horton  –  Jeff Enloe  –  Brian Cook  –  Carl Shalin  –  Daniel Ferris  –  Glenn Snodgrass  –  Guerrino Guillen  –  Anonymous  –  Joan Snodgrass  –  Joeseph Sutton  –  John Baer  –  patrick Murphy  –  Robert Akam  –  Robert Furtick  –  Robert Hatcher  –  Steven Mains  –  William Hutton  –  William R Leety  –  Dean Hopefinger  –  Starling Cooper  –  John Slater  –  Jeff Corbin  –  Andrew Stahl  –  Brian Butcher  –  Dennis Gourm  –  James Cross  –  John Sylvester  –  Laura Snodgrass  –  Michael Powers  –  Natale Schepis  –  Paul Gruber  –  Robert Bell  –  Robert Murphy

2022 Allons Club Donors

Anonymous – Steven Ogier – James Benefield – Peter C Bayer – Kris Thompson – Finish Line Awards – Eammon McGeady – Thomas Smart – Leon Rios – James Snodgrass – John Baer – Karl M. Schmidt – Robert Hatcher – Andrew Stahl – John Andrew Schaffer – Robert Akam – James Hain – Robert Furtick – Donald Snedeker – Steven Mains – Billy Wildeer – Gerald W. Gulley – Eammon McGeady – John Slater – Dean Hopefinger


Previous Allons Club Donors

GEN Donn and Letty Starry (in Memoriam) – Joanne Holbrook Patton (in Memoriam MG George Smith Patton) – Marion and Jamie Leach (in Memoriam COL Jimmie Leach) – Newport Beach Post 291 (and Newport Harbor Post 291 Auxiliary) – Air Cav Troop Vietnam Chapter – LTC (ret) and Mrs. Glenn Allardyce – Bob Akam – Larry Ames – Andrew Bacevich – BG (ret) and Mrs. Doc Bahnsen – LTG John Ballantyne – Don Blanton – Dan Brouillette – Dave and Beate Cowan – MG Neal Creighton – BG (ret) John Sherman Crow and Frances G. Jones-Crow – MAJ and Mrs. Jeremy Dobos – Barry and Cindy Donoho – Dan Ferris – Jim Gill – Bob Grossman – Gerald W. Gulley – MG (ret) Larry and Anna Gunderman (in memory of Gene Lanoux and Neil Keltner) – Jim Hain – Bill Hansen – Scott Harrison – Heekin Family Fund – Jerry Hensley (and in Memoriam COL Jimmie Leach) – Bob Hurt – CSM (ret) Bill Hutton – Mr. and Mrs. Dom Izzo – Gene and Mitsi Johnson – Bob and Betty Kelso (and the Betty Stieren Kelso Foundation) – Mary Crystal Kruger – COL (ret) and Mrs. Richard Leibert – Phil Lester – Louis Litkett – Steve Mains – Mr. and Mrs. Eamonn McGeady – Edward Murray – Kurt and Katie Neddenriep – Keith Nuchols – John Poindexter – Point Alpha Foundation – John Rosenberger – Verna Rutherford – Chris Sims (in memoriam Regina Sims) – SGM (ret) George and Kathleen Sluzenski – Mark Smith – Glenn and Joan Snodgrass – CSM (ret) John Stephens – Bill and Cindy Stephens – Joe and Suzanne Sutton – John Sylvester – Kris Thompson – Mrs. Christian Vissers – MSG (ret) Rick “Gunner” Wagner – Charles and Donna Watkins – BG (ret) Tom and Susan White – CSM (ret) Don Wicks – CSM Edmund Ellsworth and Treva Ellsworth (in memoriam) – Ameripack, Inc (Peter Martin)

1901 Club

Charles McKeever, Gilbert Ferrey, James Benefield, Robert Dorman, Craig Smith, Lawrence Bollen, Leo Pierce, Crosbie Saint, Wiley Frazier, William Bachman, John Atchley, John Kapphahn, Robert Burgoyne, James Boling, LW Clodfelter, George Reyes, Patrick Murphy, Keith Kweder, Joseph Conrad, Don Wicks, Cary Kuchenbuch, James Shufelt, Steve Flood, George Frink, William Strycker, Steven Ogier, John Reiterman, Joe Sutton, John Baer, Dewey Bolton, Ken Walker, Tom Quinn, Don Pertuit, W Montgomery, David Crawford, Larry Kester, David Ostrom, George Angel, Ronald Black, William Emerson, Richard Kenyon, Jack Rawlings, Alan Binkerd, James Belver, Richard Davis, Thomas Weber, Eric Newton, James Magee, George King, Christopher Yuknis, William Briggs, Val Swan, Dickey Clements, Marlo Hartman, John Sorich, Timothy Kerns, Monroe Howell, Cecil Sorsby, Linda Hervatin, Robert Sunell, John Dean, Robert Grossman, Stan Warrick, James Siegel, John Atkins, John Hill, Robert Butler, Dennis Fricke, Donald Martin, Stephen Matthews, Starling Cooper, Patrick Ellis, Kim Wixon, Ronald Patrick, Harold Nichols, Martin McKinley, Maureen Davis, Marty Sugihara, Robert Harris, Bill Bathe, Calvin Phillips, William Hancock, Jeffery Williams, Dennis Cline, Dennis Jacoba Sr., Robert Delve, Arthur Sanderson, Gary Lundeen, Robert Bell, James Bell, Robert Schneiter, Bruce Potter, Stephen Vasey, Bob Nossov, Clint Ancker, Edward Murray, Wayne Alberg, Robert Owens, Curtis Mays, Lonnie Burris, W.M. Stromberg, Steve Edwards, Stephen Lungstrum, Jerry Hensley, Robert Gilbert, Ed Buening, Timothy Knoche, Thomas Smart, Michael Patenaude, Stephen Lungstrum, John Ballantine, Daniel Diloretto, John Bahnsen, Mike Blose, Gregory Mason, William Trubeck, Charles Joiner, Issac Shaw, Ben Curti, Michael Nechanicky, Danny Cline, Albert Mertz, Tony Whitaker, John Carabetta, William French, Ben Washington, Fred Morris, Gary Hudak, JD Woolard, Barney Brauker, Richard Brown, Don Johnson, John Grogg, Richie Bernard, Robert Donaghe, Terry Tucker, Nick Martinez, FE Egan, Sammie Rogers Jr, Richard Kernes, Theador Rauh, Michael Meyrick, Michael Craig, Larry Holloway, Don Hines Jr., Richard Kelly, William Bannigan, Mark Edwards, James Cottle, Richard Stobbs, John McEnery, Larry Ramirez, Mel Firchau, Michael Olinger, Dennis Horan, Arnold Dulaney, James Dozier, Robert Birdwell, William Pellatz, Doug Hernandez, John Burns, Glenn Finkbiner, Lee Gentry, William Heiser, Ronald Weedman, Gregory Confair, Raymond Aguilar, Evan Matheson, MD, Kenneth Koppenal, Harry House, Noeveil Van Dyke, Joseph Carosella, Alford Santoro III, Michael Flynn, Larry Smith, Charlie Rose, Randolph Baxter, Roger Wortman, Dan Woodruff, Douglas Campbell, Charlie Watkins, Donna Watkins, Andrew Manuele, Earl Moore, Danny Rice, Dale Evans, Gerald Connolly, Edmund Sieminski, Charles Chism, Felix Galaviz, Peter Krawutschke, Douglas Saville, Stanley Hauser, Richard Hoyt, Jeremy Dobos, Kenneth Stanker, William Harris, Michael Bliss, Thomas Conroy, William Morey, Dennis Mayall, Charles Dolen, Charles Whitmore, Victor Vela, Gary Rieth, Wade Smith, James Decker, David Barrett, Gustaf Holman, Terrence Wallace, Tom White, Susan White, Don Hoff, Willie Davis, Rebecca Rousek, Marvin Sellers, Daniel Reid, Joseph Kolmer, William Boyd, Robert Prucha, John Roppolo, James Maurer, Lloyd Rule, Robert Kaiser, John Slater, Richard Rucker, James Brewer, Edmund Devereaux, Robert Norris, James Hane, Elbridge Fish II, John Gerrity III, Matthew Denaro, Timothy Brooks, Jack Nelson, Gary Barnett, John Hall, Dale Brown, Jerome Kotwica, Joseph White, Wallace Nutting, Joe Hunt, Gerald Kallina, George Purifoy, John Balda, George Kasper, Randolph Michaud, Robin Smith, James Fithlan III, Robert Sinclair, George Soli, Frank Varljen, James Foreman, Keith Nuckols Jr., Theodore Moczulski, William Baker, Guy Caporiccio, Roy Bean Jr., Tim Yeider, Robert Linberg, Fredrick Wolfe, Michael Baker, David Husing, Kent Hillhouse, Robert Davis, Edward Dore, Rick Gramoll, Samir Potel, John Stephens, Scott Harrison, Scott McFarland, John Hien, John Lundvoll, Martha Payne, Monroe Howell, Gary Hunt, Lanier Ward, Robert Hunt

The Following Donated to the Association

Arthur Elliott, Mark Gerrie, James Wasson, Columbus Feaster, Harry Seese, Thomas Middaugh, Leo Caballero, Larry Sharpe, Stewart McGregor, Manuel Domingez, Mason Banks Jr., John Dunston, John Laskowski, Donald Hellowell, Holt Rast III, Patrick Farrell, Harold Lindjord, Malcolm Gilchrist, Raymond Rooper, Larry Lust, David Sanders, James Beavers, William Hipps, George Patch III, Wayne Watts Sr., August Daub Jr., John Berry, Larry Cole, Arthur Dowding, Gary Ingram, Roger Justison, Jim Madelle Sr., CR Parker, Cecil Watts, Gloria Strouse, Lee Pryor, Raymond Larson, Richard Henson, Keith Morgan, John Andonie, Jesus Dominguez, Jose Hernandez, Tom Helm, Joe Tenik, William Baronti, Merrill Finley, Raymond Majewski, Roddy Woodson, L Blickenstaff, Greg Beishir, Dalton Gordon Sr., Mitchell Burnette, Lawrence Hess, George Jarvis, David Taylor, Russell Smith, Bryan McCann, Keith Burch, Kenneth Hoke, John Garabedian, Luther Gee, Brian Smith, Mike DeNote, Arthur Derepkowski, Nancy Franco, Ernist Kauppi, Thomas Willis, Verlon Bishop, Leroy Johnston, Kenneth Masten, Guy Swan, Antonio Janairo, Joe Roberts, Sherman Smith, Frank Coney, John Lescisko, Edward Monda, Francis Mayo, Ralph DeMasi, Suzanne Wickam, Curtis Lohrman, Ronald Meador, William Stokes III, Nancy Franco, Frank Drummer, Sid Clanton, Lynn Kile II, Ellan Thorson, Anthony Cozler, Philip Orlando, Jason Lebrecht, James Engelbrecht, Norman Koch, Bruce Overbee, Charles Ganno, Roger Eitel, Jerry Franklin, Lawrence Kolke, John Lessard, William Alsobrook, John Zaremba, Charles Whorton, Duane Severens, Enrique Quichocho, John Wolf, Paul Lunarde, Harold Jones, John Schaper, George Miller, John Corey, John Blaisdell, Fred Smith, Adolph Zumpel, Bruce Sweningson, Rocco Bufano, Ernesto Williams, Paul Howard, Bobby Fox, Ray Banks, Patricia Banks, Herbert Horton, James Mulkey, Roger Davids, David Hess, Carlos Balanos, Steve Jarmosco, Joseph Bohr, Charles Torno, Robert Hunt, Timothy Byland, Paul Wagner, William Van Ert, John Ruffner III, Frederic Angeline, Don Akin Jr., John Ryan, Robert Anderson, Barry Farris, Martin Franklin, John Beas, Frederick Chattin, Jesse Rasberry, Charles Childers, Terrence Alexander, John Humbertson, Terry Honey, Peter Rosie, Roger Estep, Robert Sinclair, Richard Obenschain, Robert Galante, Douglas Freyholtz, Dallas Wood, Michael David, David McDonald, Jose Juarez, Gerald Arend, Jeffery Hanson, Gary Thain, Joseph Switek Jr., Larry Arft, Edward Lathrope, David DeWitt, Ernest Amabile, Allen Davenport, Walter Slomienski Jr., Kenneth Wollschlaeger, James Zaun, Patrick Carney, Leonard Smith, Mike Malloch, Edward Lumpp, Frank DeGaray, Charles Castaneda, Harry Burns, Michael Buehre, Randy Foster, John Barrington, Greg Hallmark

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