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E-News – May 2020

Reunion Update

For those who are attending the June 2020 mini-reunion (which is being held in lieu of the 2020 Blackhorse Association Family Reunion), everything is a go.

As things begin to settle down with the pandemic, it is our hope that people will get out and enjoy life again. The mini-reunion is one exciting way in which you could do that.

If you’re thinking about attending, please review your schedule, your health, and your finances. And if you have the time, are without health limitations, and can afford to attend, please register with AFR and make your reservations with the Elegante (all info can be found at in a new window

If you previously cancelled your registration and reservation for the BHA Family Reunion, the Association asks that you reconsider and think about signing up for the June mini-reunion.

For Those Looking for Something to do During Lockdown

The Blackhorse Association is not affiliated with the links below, but they might be worth a look and should at least generate some remembrances of the Regiment’s time on the East-West German Border! opens in a new window battle-center opens in a new window opens in a new window opens in a new window
opens in a new window

More News About The Blackhorse in Vietnam

Casemate Publishers has published Don Snedeker’s new book, The Blackhorse in Vietnam, as part of the AUSA Book Program. Please visit this link to get a copy. opens in a new window

In addition, AUSA has released an Army Matters podcast that features a conversation with Don about his new book. opens in a new window The AUSA Book Program invites you to listen in at

An Early Ode to the Tank

This is a chapter excerpt from the book “Yanks”; the spelling, punctuation, and layout are taken from the original publication.

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