Eleventh Cavalry from the Roer to the Elbe, 1944-1945

The original 11fh Cavalry was born a horse regiment through an Act of Congress, February 2. 1901. Fort Meyer, Virginia, became the scene of activation with the organization of Headquarters and ihe 3rd Squadron culminating in the signing of the first morning report on 11 March 1901. The 1st and 2nd Squadrons were organized at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., and Fort Ethan Allen, Vt, respectively.

The Commanding Officer was Colonel Francis Moore, a distinguished veteran of the Civil, Indian, and Spanish American Wars, the first of a long line of colorful and outstanding commanders which ultimately included such men as Leon B. Kromer, later Chief of Cavalry, Homer M. Groninger (now Major General), Ben Lear (now Lt General), and James G. Harbord, later Major General and Chief of Staff to General Pershing during World War I.

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