Fort Benning Groundbreaking

Memorial Groundbreaking at Fort Benning

Veterans Day, November 11th, was a beautiful sunny 70+-degree day at Fort Benning, GA., and well over 100 Blackhorse vets attended the ceremony as we broke ground for our new memorial. The next steps are construction in the spring and dedication next August.

In the picture from left to right:

CSM (ret) Rick Young, Executive Director of the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation

GEN William S. Wallace, the 55th Colonel of the Regiment

Lynn Weekly, Columbus Monument Company (builder)

SGM Jeffery Dice, Regimental Operations NCO, 11th Cavalry, Fort Irwin, CA, representing the active regiment

Allen Hathaway, President, 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia, representing all Vietnam vets

Glenn Snodgrass, President, The Blackhorse Association, representing Vietnam and the Border Legion years

Ambassador Kingdon Gould, who served with the 11th Cavalry Group in World War II, representing all WW II vets

MG (ret) Peter Bayer, 61st Colonel of the Regiment, who led the Regiment into Iraq, representing all Iraqi vets

MG (ret) George Harmeyer, Chairman of the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation

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