11th ACR Historic Videos

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Join Bryant, Jane, and Willard as they spend the day at Sickels Army Airfield in Fulda West Germany. This special NBC Today show was aired on 11-24-1987


Iraq War OIFIII 11th Armored Cavalry (Blackhorse).
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Operation Iraqi Freedom III 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.
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Click here watch a video about the 11th ACR at
Camp Luckett (near the Mexican border) in 1941.
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11th ACR historical overview.


Trailer for 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Documentary


Iraq War OIFIII 11th Armored Cavalry


A Year in Iraq – E TRP, TF 2-11 ACR


Department of Defense film from 1969.


From the broadcast vault (1984), this is Specialist Floyd Vasquez reports on the reaction force at Observation Post Alpha (OP Alpha), a Cold War observation post between Rasdorf, Hesse, West Germany and Geisa, Thuringia, East Germany. The post overlooked the Fulda Gap, a prime invasion route during the Cold War.

Remembering the Iron Curtain
Twenty years later, the Cold War is in the distant past for most. But it’s a vivid memory for a former Captain for the Black Horse regiment. He takes reporter Roman Kessler on a tour of a fort at the Iron Curtain. Click here to view (opens in a new window).

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