It has arrived! … monument move update from the Blackhorse Association


As reported earlier this week, the pavers were picked up, cleaned and packed on pallets, and the obelisks were removed and placed on a lowboy for transport to Columbus, GA. This picture below shows only a fraction of the work involved to make this happen – there was a whole lot more concrete removal involved than we had anticipated. The key players who made this happen with their volunteer efforts were Rondo and Lorraine Jackson, Richard Wells, Jose Feliciano, Kenny Naidas, Frank Church and Sherry, with planning assistance by Warren Wilmoth. Allen Hathaway, the President of the ACVVC, was also present for part of the removal and was a great help. We are truly indebted to all of them for their hard work.

Picture #1 – after the removal of all the pavers and the 3 small obelisks

Picture #2 – The monument, pavers and one obelisk loaded on the lowboy nearly ready for the move south.

Pictures #3 and #4 – Unloading at the Columbus Monument Company

The next steps are (1) the cleanup at the Patton Museum/Knox site, including planting new grass and leaving it in even better condition that we found it, and (2) the building of the new monument at the Benning/Columbus site during the spring of next year. Targeted total completion date is NLT 1 June.
A not-so-subtle reminder – the cost of this move and improvement project is shared by the Blackhorse Association and the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia, and we would welcome any contributions to help defray the rather significant costs to make this happen right.

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