July 2014

Trooper Down – Timothy Herbert Erikson

Timothy Herbert Erikson, 56, of Delavan Township passed away on June 12. Tim was born on September 18, 1958 in Elkhorn, WI to Herbert and Phyllis (Kaphengst) Erikson. He was a 1976 graduate of Williams Bay High School and served as a Teletype Repair Specialist in the Maintenance Troop, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, United States Army from 1982-1986, while stationed in Fulda, West Germany. He earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Data Processing from Madison Area Technical College in 1988. In 1990 he married Cathy Bogyos from Burlington, WI at First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lake Geneva. His wife, Cathy, was his love, true companion and a part of everything Tim loved in life, including performing with his band, Neutral Zone, participating in Revolutionary War reenactments, taking long motorcycle trips, and learning American Sign Language. They enjoyed their place in Black River Falls on weekends and during hunting season.

In May of 2013, Tim suffered a stroke and for the last 13 months, Tim and Cathy worked very hard with the Milwaukee VA Hospital on his rehabilitation and therapy.

Reunion 2014 – Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs provided a magnificent setting for a truly wonderful reunion; nearly 300 Blackhorse veterans and family attended. The golf tournament took place despite 50-degree weather and rain, while the remainder of the weekend was 80 degrees and sunny. The Friday morning memorial service was conducted by Chaplain Haworth in front of the shiny, refurbished regimental tank at the Shrine of Remembrance, in brilliant sunshine. The Blackhorse Regiment Cavalry Motorcycles led the buses to the ceremony before making their First Annual Top Phillips 2014 Memorial BHRCM Run. Friday evening’s casual program included the induction by the current RCO and RCSM of five new members into the Regiment’s Honorary Rolls – Chaplain Colonel Walter Montondon (posthumously), ISG Jerry Trafford (posthumously), LTC Glenn Allardyce (in absentia), MG John Landry (in absentia), and LTG John Ballantyne. Saturday night’s banquet featured the award of the United States Cavalry & Armor Association’s Noble Patron of Armor Gold Medallion to Mrs. Joanne Patton, wife of the 39th Colonel of the Regiment, MG George Patton, IV. Her gracious response was emotional for everyone in the room. COL Lanier Ward, then-commander and the 65th Colonel of the Regiment, was brilliant as our keynote speaker – he changed command at Fort Irwin on the 1st of July, and we wish him the best as he becomes the Chief of Staff of the 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss.

The real hero of the reunion was Charley Watkins, who, along with about 10 family members and another 10 members of his team, ensured that everything was meticulously planned and executed. The silent auction garnered nearly $9000 and the cavalry pistol raffle took in over $2000, all dollars that will be put into the Scholarship Fund.

A special note of thanks to all who contributed items to the silent auction. It was a huge success, but only because of your generous contributions.

Below is are some photos from our Reunion. More photos can be found here: https://blackhorse.org/2014reuniongallery.cfm

Mrs. Joanne Patton is awarded the Noble Patron of Armor Gold Medallion by BG (ret) Doc Bahnsen.

Our Keynote Speaker – Colonel Lanier Ward, RCO

Memorial Service at the Blackhorse Memorial Tank,
Colorado Springs

LTG (ret) John Ballantyne, former RCO, is inducted into the Regimental Honorary Rolls. Seen here with RCO, Col. Lanier Ward, and RCSM, Command Sergeant Major Carl Ashmead.

A group of happy Reunion attendees!


The Letter Below was Sent by Mrs. Joanne Patton to Blackhorse Association President Glenn Snodgrass

Dear Glenn-

I am slowly coming down from the clouds, after the wonderful experience I had in attending the Blackhorse Reunion in Colorado Springs last week. Certainly it was a celebration never-to-be-forgotten, for everyone who attended, but especially for me.

As always, it is a joy for me to connect with veterans who knew my husband, and there were plenty of them at the Reunion-but there was much more to be enjoyed and feel thankful for. I can’t say enough about the collaborative spirit that I felt, throughout the short time I was with you. All ages and terms of assignment with the Regiment were co-mingling and there didn’t seem to be any reluctance to mix with other eras, among the group. Also, I was so pleased that you were able to include the youngsters, all of whom were happily engaged, it seemed, with no sign of stress or disturbance. They were welcomed and behaved accordingly- amazing! I know they will never forget the experience.

For such a crowd as you had assembled, all arrangements seem to be smoothly carried out and everyone obviously was having a great time. There were many highlights and of course one of mine was the total surprise at being awarded the Golden Medallion by the Armor and Cavalry Association-as part of the banquet program. I knew nothing about it and couldn’t possibly have anticipated such an honor, but you were gracious to let it happen on "Blackhorse time", as the Association President, General Terry Tucker explained in a letter I found when I returned home. Of course that made it all the more special, for this first female recipient, particularly when I was escorted and surrounded by your trooper heroes!

It would be impossible for me to thank everyone for the courtesies I received at this Reunion, but I know that "the buck stops" there with the President and I thank you from the heart for your leadership. I hope you will accept my gratitude on behalf of all your team. I know that my husband would be bursting with pride at the way the spirit as well as the accomplishments of the Blackhorse Regiment have endured and even grown, over the years. May it keep going forward–



Cavalry rides again during Colorado Springs Reunion
From the Colorado Springs Gazette

Several hundred members of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment met in Colorado Springs to recognize those who have left their mark on the unit.

The Blackhorse Association’s June 12-15 annual reunion gave members the chance to tour Fort Carson and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

Col. Lanier Ward, current regimental commander, opened the Friday night social, humorously called Stable Your Mount, by asking members if it felt good to be home.

The regiment’s home is Fort Irwin, Calif., but the question was about the fellowship between soldiers that defined the reunion.
"It all goes back to the heritage and the lineage," said retired Command Sgt. Maj. Terrance McWilliams. "There’s a lot of lineage and pride of being a Blackhorseman."

McWilliams, formerly Fort Carson’s top enlisted soldier and the Army’s senior-most scout, said he and others attend the reunions to "reminisce about all the good times."

Founded in 1901 to assist efforts in the Philippines after the Spanish-American War, the regiment’s soldiers cut their teeth quelling insurrections in the newly gained territory.

The unit continued to ride through America’s battlefields, serving in World War II, Vietnam and the Iraq War. They are credited with participating in the last American cavalry charge in 1916 in Ojo Azules, Mexico. The 11th also assisted in the aftermath of Colorado’s infamous Ludlow Massacre.

As part of the reunion, several members of the unit were recognized in a signing ceremony. The regimental sergeant major crossed each with a saber after Ward listed their accomplishments. The cavalrymen were then commanded to sign their pay signature in the regimental register, symbolizing their contribution to the unit’s legacy.

"We do try to stay attached to our past," said Ward, 65th commander of the regiment. "There have been thousands who have gone before us who have suffered the same trials."
Many of the members were wearing black and brown Stetsons. While black Stetsons have long been considered a traditional part of the cavalrymen’s dress uniform, brown Stetsons go back to the original Philippine campaigns.

Numerous notable figures with roots in the regiment were present. Among them was Gen. Thomas White, former Secretary of the Army, and retired Lt. Gen. Guy Swan, former commander of United States Army North.

"The way you sustain the history is with organizations like this," said White, who commanded the regiment’s 1st Squadron in Vietnam.

"I could go up to anybody in this room, and I may not know them, but we know the same people, "said Swan of the regiment’s enduring cohesion.


BHA Scholarships Announced
Colorado Springs Reunion, June 14, 2014

The scholarship committee consisted of Bob Hurt, chairman, assisted by Jim Gill, Sam Rhodes, Ernie Ford and Dick Leibert. The Blackhorse Association and Blackhorse Scholarships were born of a promise made by Sergeant Major Paul Squires and Colonel George S. Patton (both now deceased) to a dying L Troop trooper on 2 May 1969 on a battlefield in Vietnam. The vow to "not let people forget us" and "take care of our kids" became the inspiration to form the Blackhorse Association and the scholarship program later that same year at Fort Knox, KY. There were 33 applicants this year, 19 will be awarded scholarships. This year’s winners are:

Listed in alphabetical order with parents’ names and dates of service.


Our Monument – Fort Benning

Monument move report – from Rondo Jackson:

Phase I (the power washing/cleaning of the pavers) is complete. The next phases are delayed about three weeks (the monument company in Elizabethtown is using its equipment elsewhere). We anticipate mid-to-late July for next phases to begin (removal of the pavers & the obelisks, and cleanup & beautification of the current site).

Below is the latest sketch of the proposed layout of the Blackhorse Monument that will be relocated to Fort Benning this year.


The Last Border Patrol Commemoration

The Association has been asked and is pleased to support the commemoration of the Last Border Patrol to be held at Point Alpha (formerly OP Alpha) in Germany on Friday, April 24, 2015. This will be one of several events taking place around Germany next year to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of German unification. The Blackhorse Association will be coordinating unofficial gatherings prior to the 24th as well a Regimental Dinner. All are welcome to attend. The Point Alpha Foundation has created a wonderful museum and developed an educational program around this small piece of the former inter-zonal border. Take a look at the Foundation’s website at http://pointalpha.com/en. While the Blackhorse Association is excited to support the Point Alpha Foundation in this very significant celebration and will coordinate events around the 24th, this is not a reunion and will not replace our annual gathering, which is currently planned for Las Vegas in the June 2015 timeframe. There is no formal registration process for this event; however, we would like to know who will be attending so we can make the appropriate arrangements and keep you informed about times and places.

If you plan to attend, please inform either Dave Cowan (dave.cowan@nullacrpros.com, 479-445-2720) or Tom Smart (tom.smart@nullacrpros.com, 703-973-3703) and provide your email and phone number. As plans evolve, we will publish them in the e-Blasts and create an email notification system.


Offer of Services to Blackhorse Troopers

Wayne Hamberger (former CPT, 1/11 ACR 1981-1985) separated in 1989 and returned to school to finish his BS in Psychology and MS in Counseling & Development. He was licensed as a Professional Counselor in Alabama in 1995 and Nationally Certified in 1996. He has worked as a counselor since that time dealing with children & adults who suffer from the effects of trauma and abuse, marital issues, divorce, suicide, and death. Currently working as a Learning Specialist in Athletics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Wayne has volunteered to offer Distance Professional Services, free of charge, to members of the Blackhorse Association who are in need of assistance and have struggled to find resolution through other means.

Strict confidentiality will be maintained with individuals seeking such assistance and will primarily be conducted via email, written correspondence, or face-to-face, should circumstances permit. All communication records will be securely maintained, and particulars to the State of Residence of the individual being consulted will be adhered to. Copies of ethical standards will be made available to all individuals seeking assistance. Any limitations of service will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
As this is a service provided outside of another full-time position, there may be some wait time between contacts, but all wait times will be kept to a minimum. Further guidelines will be available upon request of the individual seeking assistance.

Contact Information:
Wayne K. Hamberger, MS, LPC, NCC
11 Lisa Lane
Springville, AL 35146
(205) 908-3764


For Blackhorse Vietnam Veterans

The annual reunion of the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia will be in Las Vegas September 4-7, 2014. All information is on their website: www.11thcavnam.com


We want your input!

If you have an item of interest to the membership that you would like to see in future eBlasts or in our bi-annual newsletter, please send items directly to banditsix@nullaol.com. The more detail you provide, the better. In particular, if you have knowledge of the passing of a former member of the Regiment and want this information published, please provide details of Regimental service and/or an obituary. This is your newsletter-please contribute.

You can always find the latest news and information on the Blackhorse Association at: https://www.blackhorse.org.
If you run into Blackhorse veterans or serving members of the Regiment, please let them know about the Association and point them to the website.

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