Become a member of the Blackhorse Association and help support the troops, veterans, and family members of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.

Lifetime and Triennial Memberships to the Blackhorse Association are open to all Troopers who served with the 11th ACR, as well as family and friends of the Regiment.

Current members of the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia (11th ACVVC), as well as current soldiers of the 11th ACR and families of Blackhorse Troopers who died on duty, are included in our rolls as free Lifetime Members.

Membership Options

Membership levels

  • Triennial membership: $50.00 covers 3 years
  • Lifetime membership: $200.00

Family members of a Trooper who died in service: NO COST

Currently active duty in the 11th ACR: NO COST

Some information may be required in order to verify service with the Blackhorse Regiment and the US Army by means of unit status reports, morning reports, and other military records.


Ways to join or renew your membership

We have two ways of joining the Blackhorse Association or renew your memberhip:

    1. To join or renew by mail, please download and print a Blackhorse Association Membership Application (PDF). Fill out all required information and return this form with check or money order payable to The Blackhorse Association (no cash please) to the following address:THE BLACKHORSE ASSOCIATION, INC.
      PO Box 1712
      Mill Valley CA 94942

Click here to join online (opens in a new window)

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