Blackhorse Association Membership Processing and Management System

The Blackhorse Association is currently updating our membership management, fundraising, and database processes from an archaic and manual process that utilized separately maintained spreadsheets. We are undertaking this work to enhance our ability to more accurately and effectively support our members.

Our volunteer officers and staff operate in a geographically distributed environment and are in need of a robust and effective system that has increased capabilities. The new system will be cloud based, and it will provide a long-needed platform from which to conduct the association’s business.

This transition requires a significant amount of effort by our board and is being led by Bob Hatcher. As part of this effort, we are pausing all membership activities until October 1, 2019; this will permit us to transition to the new platform. During this two-month period, we will not process any new or renewal membership requests. On or before October 1, we will resume processing all membership requests.

We appreciate your patience and support during the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Hatcher at

Opportunity to Serve — Director of Memberships

The Blackhorse Association has an exciting opportunity for someone to serve as its volunteer Director of Memberships.
If you are interested in serving your association in this role, or in any other capacity, please contact either Pete Bayer at or Bob Hatcher at