New Scholarship Funding and Naming

We will now "name" a Blackhorse Association scholarship for any person/foundation/company that donates $3000 for a full annual scholarship.

We have several recent uplifting stories to share with the members of the Association. A few months ago, Mrs. Emily Vissers, widow of Christian Vissers who served the regiment in Vietnam, came to us and asked if she could endow a scholarship. We told her that she surely could and, for $3000 annually, we would name the scholarship for her late husband. A month later, Volker Bausch, the head of the Point Alpha Foundation in Geisa, Germany, asked if the foundation could contribute to our scholarship program; we told him that we would name a scholarship after the Point Alpha Foundation if they were to contribute $3000. Around that time, Don Blanton, a long-time individual contributor to our scholarship fund, applied for a grant from the foundation associated with his work, and he was awarded a $5000 grant to which he added. As a result, we named two more scholarships: one "In memory of Gary McCann on behalf of the Intermec Foundation" and one for Don Blanton. At last month’s Blackhorse Reunion in Las Vegas, the word began to spread. Kris Thompson, who commanded two troops in Fulda, was responsible for quickly getting the funding for the "Lance Gilman Real Estate" scholarship, and an anonymous donor also committed to funding the "Tactical Micro" scholarship.

All six of these new and fully-funded scholarships were announced at the Saturday night reunion banquet. Since then we have been approached by at least three other people who have expressed an interest in doing something similar. One person is thinking of doing something in memory of a loved one, who is a beloved Blackhorse trooper. Another person is thinking of naming a scholarship in honor of the unit in which he served (that is, the Cold Steel (C Troop) Scholarship). His idea is to ask several troopers to pool their money to raise the $3000. We think that this new option would be a wonderful way to keep our scholarship program strong while providing well-deserved recognition to those who are responsible for keeping the program strong. We also fully understand requests for anonymity, and we will always support the wishes of the donor.

We are excited about this new way to support the Blackhorse Association’s scholarship program; this is an additional option that may appeal to individuals as well as groups. As always, we welcome and are grateful for contributions of any amounts from anyone. If you are interested in knowing more about this program, please phone or email Bob Hurt.

Bob Hurt, Director of Scholarships
Home: 281-298-8446
Cell: 713-480-0922

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