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The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment’s Blackhorse Association will hold its annual Blackhorse Family reunion in Las Vegas, NV from June 9-12, 2022, to maintain our connection to the regiment. The reunion is open to all past and present troopers as well as the families, who served with the Regiment, including anyone who served in the Regimental Community or any of the separate units that supported the Regiment and friends of the association.

Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas

We will be staying at The Orleans. Rooms have been set aside for reunion attendees. Rates for each night for each level of rooms are provided below:

2022 room rates

Reservations must be made by May 2, 2022! Book your room by using group code ABA2C05 on the Orleans reservation website at, or call toll free at 800-675-3267.

To ensure there is no confusion, check your calendars and make certain to book the night you plan on arriving and the date you plan on leaving. If you fail to show, because you booked your room for Tuesday, but your plane doesn’t arrive until Weds, you risk having your reservation cancelled as a ‘No show.’ Double check your dates and book in advance. First come, first served.

Click here to register online for the 2022 Blackhorse Reunion.


To register by traditional mail instead, click here to download a printable registration form.

Click here to download the 2022 Blackhorse Reunion program.

If you wish to make a separate donation to support Regimental participation at the reunion, please go here: (opens in a new window).

Current list of registered attendees of the upcoming 2022 Blackhorse Reunion:

Victor Alcantar
Jesus Alvarez
Clint Ancker
Steven Andres
Pete Bayer
James T. Benefield
Patrick Bighem
Eddie Boquilla
Richard Bourgault
Clifford Boxley
Eugene Boylan
Jacob Brady
Robert Brandhorst
Richard Brown
Micheal Burke
Brian Butcher
Don Cardinelli
Brian Carlson
David Carpenter
Daniel Caughey
Jesus Ceniceros
Bobby Clark
William Clark
Russ Clarke
Spencer Coberly
James Colhour
Brian Cook
Starling Cooper
Joe Coopet
Roger (Jeff) Corbin
Randy R. Cozad
John Sherman Crow
John Daguanno
William Dolan
Glenn Downs
Cynthia Drushal
Jim Eriser, III
Christopher Faber
Clarissa Falmad
Darrell Fawley
Douglas Flenniken
Arath Flores
Robert Francis
Angelious Fronek
Jacob (Jake) Fryer
Kelly Furtick
Murph Gagne
Michael Gates
Robert Gichert
Larry Goleman
Erwyn Gonzalez
Jason Gonzalez
Chance Grasmick
Arlisia Green
Daniel Greenfield
Alexander Greytak
Julian Guia
Benjamin Haggerty
James Hain
Jay M. Hall
David L. Harrison
Scott Harrison
Robert Hatcher
Karl Hees
Dominique Hernandez
Susie Hernandez
Steve Holden
Jeff Holmes
Todd Hook
Bob Hurt
Bill J. Hutton
Marc Iroff
Alex Jobe
Robert Johnson
Christopher Jordan
Gabriella Katz
Richard J. Koteck
Joshua Kramer
Don LaBounty
Will Landaverde
Ronald Langford
Louis Litkett
Fred LoGiudice
David Mathis
Walter Mazuchowski, Jr
Chad McAlexander
Parker McCarty
Charles Mceachern
Jim McEvers
Rhonda McPherson
Fernando Medina
Michael Minnix
Donnell Mosby
Benjamin Mower
Jorge Munoz
Gabriel Nakooka
Mark Neukom
Dan Newcome
Eric Newton
Devin Niu
Daisy Ordaz
Robert Otlowski, Jr
David Paluso
Heiner Paniagua
Jesus Pena
Nathan Perkins
Stephen Ponder
Ricky Pring
Anthony Putz
Robert Ravelo
Sylvester Redmond
Richard M. Reiff
George K. Reyes
William Reyes
Frank S. Rodriguez, Jr
John Rosenberger
Brian Samaniego
Arpinee Sarkisian
Jakovan Sexton
Helen Sick
Ray Simpson
Thomas Smart
John Smith
Donald Snedeker
James Glenn Snodgrass
David Snyder
Peter Song
Robert St. Laurent
Bryan Stapleton
Christopher Stemple
Charles Stephens
Luis Tapia
Kris P. Thompson
William Toole
Adrian Van Cleve
Nick Villano
Casey Warren
DH Wicks
John Williams
Jacob Wilson
Lyndsey Wren
Johnny Zamora
Alejandro Zavala
Alejandro Zavala


Christopher Abdul
Leslie Alvarez
Jan Ancker
Rozann Arellano
Tabitha Bighem
Barbara Boxley
Kathy Cardinelli
Jayleigh Caroline
Petra Clark
Ursula Clark
Dori Cooper
Chris Corbin
Debra Cozad
Nancy Downs
Cindy Drushal
Lindsey Fawley
Jacquie Flenniken
Maycie Fronek
Lynne Fryer
Kelly Furtick
Linda Gagne
Rachel Gichert
Dr. Sara Gilliam
Monica Haggerty
Gail Harris
Shannon Harrison
Amanda Hatcher
Christina Hees
Anabel Holden
Pauline Holmes
Kathryn Hurt
Debra Johnson
Alyssa Justiniano
Linda Kotek
Michele LaBounty
Fawn Landaverde
Patty LeDesma
Carmen LoGiudice
Heather LoGiudice
Jason LoGiudice
Connie Mathis
Samantha McAlexander
Sheila Mceachern
Rhonda McPherson
Jordan Mosby
Alayna Mower
Shirley Neukom
George Newcome
Nancy Newcome
Patrice Newcome
Carrie Niu
MaryKay Ponder
Petra Pring
Minnie Redmond
Susan Rodriguez
Mary Anne Rosenberger
Pam Schindler
Ted Schindler
Alisha Shrestha
Helen Sick
Sue Simpson
Angie Snyder
Katelyn Spellman
Charlotte St. Laurent
Bill Stephens
Jenna Warren
Leigh Williams
Ayrin Yasis
Carolyn Zamora
Adriana Zavala

Our Reunion Mission

Our Regimental Association mission and objectives are:

  • To honor comrades who gave their lives in the service of our country and Regiment.
  • To preserve and strengthen comradeships formed in the Regiment.
  • To provide educational scholarships for the children of those who served in the Regiment.
  • To proclaim and publicize the achievements and traditions of the Regiment.
  • To support the troopers serving in the active Regiment.

In order to accomplish the first two objectives the Blackhorse Association conducts frequent reunions to bring together Blackhorse veterans and their families from all eras of Regimental service.

Projected Future reunions

  • 2023 – Fort Benning/Atlanta
  • 2024 – Colorado Springs
  • 2025 – Vegas
  • 2026 – San Antonio

Previous Reunions

  • Between 1970 and 1995, the annual Blackhorse reunion was held at Fort Knox conjunction with the annual Armor Conference May each year
  • 1996, the Blackhorse Association held its annual reunion along with the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans Vietnam and Cambodia Louisville, KY
  • 1997 – 2002, co-located with the ACVVC reunions in Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Diego, Buffalo, Washington, DC, and Nashville
  • May 2000: Fulda, Bad Kissingen, and Bad Hersfeld, Germany (Border Legion)
  • February 1 – 3, 2001 in Las Vegas. 100th Anniversary Reunion.
  • June 2005: Fulda, Bad Kissingen, and Bad Hersfeld, Germany along with our sister regiment, the 14th Cavalry. (Border Legion)
  • June 2007: Williamsburg, VA
  • May 2008: Las Vegas, NV
  • June 2009: Fulda, Bad Kissingen, and Bad Hersfeld, Germany
  • June 2010: Houston, TX
  • June 2011: Las Vegas, NV
  • June 2012: Williamsburg, VA
  • June 2013: Louisville, KY
  • June 2014: Colorado Springs, CO
  • June 2015: Las Vegas, NV
  • June 2016: San Antonio, TX
  • June 2017: Atlanta, GA
  • June 2018: Boston, MA
  • June 2019: Las Vegas, NV
  • June 2021: San Antonio, TX