“Take care of our kids . . .”

The Blackhorse Association and Blackhorse Scholarships were born of a promise made by (then) Colonel George S. Patton to a dying L Troop trooper on 20 March 1969 on a battlefield in Vietnam. The vow to “not let people forget us” and “take care of our kids” became the inspiration to form the Blackhorse Association later that year at Fort Knox, KY.

The Blackhorse Association continues to grow in the support of named scholarships $3000 annually to “take care of our kids,” the founding purpose of the Association. We are excited about the growth and potential of this program and encourage others who might want to designate an annual scholarship to contact our Scholarship Director.

Named Scholarship Recipients for 2019 are:

  • Parker Ferrell, CSM Robert McCord
  • Vanessa Schultz, Cold Steel
  • Joseph Feliciano, Armor and Cavalry Association
  • Riley Collins, Workhorse
  • Joy Hatcher, Blackhorse OIF Remembrance
  • Zachary Boal, Ironhorse Commanders
  • Tea Pusey, Alpha Troop Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Benefield Family
  • Elayna Snyder, Alpha Troop Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Benefield Family
  • Elizabeth Brandl, Point Alpha

Other recipients for 2019 are:

  • Brittany Crouch
  • Emma Birkenbuel
  • Charles Mack
  • Jessica Peterson
  • Alise Boal
  • Kierra Taylor
  • Jennifer Westbrook
  • Elizabeth Wright
  • Victoria McCuen
  • Lauren Buzzell
  • Abigail Brandl

Blackhorse Scholarships

Notice: Applications must be postmarked by April 1 each year for consideration.

Over the years, the Scholarship Fund has provided nearly $700,000 to help educate the children of Blackhorse Troopers killed in action or incapacitated by wounds – and later expanded to assist all children of the Blackhorse. Over forty years have passed and we continue to keep the promise made that day in Vietnam. A more noble cause does not exist and we will fulfill that commitment with your help. The specific criterion for candidates can be found below excerpted from the Blackhorse Association Bylaws:

Article XII: Scholarships

Section 1. This article outlines policies and procedures governing The Blackhorse Association Scholarship Program.

Section 2. The purpose of this program is to afford children of present or former members of the Regiment scholarship opportunities each year.

Section 3. Blackhorse Association Scholarship Program

A candidate must be a child or step-child of a present or former member of the Regiment.

The first selection priority will be given to children who lost a parent in service of the Regiment.

The second selection priority will be given to children of those incapacitated by wounds or injury while serving the Regiment.

The third selection priority will be given based on financial need of the applicant as expressed in the narrative portion of the application.

The recipient must use the scholarship by their 30th birthday. The candidate must be a graduating high school senior or enrolled in an accredited college or university at the undergraduate level or an accredited Jr. College/Technical or Trade College/School. The scholarship is a one year $3000 scholarship paid at the beginning of the Fall Semester each year. A student may apply each year for a total of four years so long as the scholarship pay-out is made by the students 30th birthday. No more than $12,000 may be awarded any one student over the course of four years.

After the award each year, the educational institution must advise the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee that the recipient is enrolled as a full time student and provide the Chairperson with the remittance address for scholarship payment.

If, by December 1 each year, the institution fails to notify the chairperson of successful registration, the scholarship is voided and all funds committed will be returned to uncommitted status.

Interruption of studies due to sickness or severe hardship may be basis for maintaining the unused portion in a committed status. Cases of this nature will be reviewed by the committee as needed and presented to the BHA Board for final decision.

All scholarship funds with accumulated interest remain the sole resources of the Scholarship Fund until disbursed. All scholarship disbursements will made to the educational institution after being advised of the recipients enrollment in good standing as a full time student and a remittance address for scholarship payment.

Section 4. Application: BHA Scholarship requests will be prepared by the scholarship applicant with Parent/Guardian verification and sent to the Chairperson by regular mail or email. In applying for the BHA scholarship offerings, the quality, accuracy and completeness of preparation of the application is an important factor in the selection process.

Section 5. Selection and Award: The Scholarship Committee shall select the scholarship recipients from all qualified applicants and present their selections to the BHA Board for approval. When possible, announcement of winners will be made at or before the annual Blackhorse Family Reunion.

Click here to download a Scholarship Application.opens in a new window
It must be completed and mailed to the Scholarship Chairman by 1 April each year. Incomplete applications will be rejected. TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION, CLICK HERE to download and read tips from the grading committee.opens in a new window

Do you know of a child of the Regiment that could benefit from a Blackhorse Association Scholarship?

Here’s the contact for more information on scholarship opportunities:

Bob Hatcher
Scholarship Committee Chairman
The Blackhorse Association
33 Alderwood Way, Lancaster PA 17601Email:

If you would like to make a donation to the scholarship fund or the operating fund, please go to the Donate page for how-to information.

It you want to send a check to the Association, please send it directly to:
Treasurer: The Blackhorse Association
Daniel M. Caughey, CPA
PO Box 1712
Mill Valley, CA 94942