September 2014


Help Identifying a Photo

The photo below was sent by Michael Yongue. The accompanying note reads:

“The picture, below, is of my father (Charles N. Yongue – dec. 01/2008) when
we were stationed in Fulda between 1972 and 1975. The plaque, which would
have been affixed to the trophy, is missing – so don’t know the exact year,
or any other information. Would you be able to assist in finding information about this event? Perhaps … someone in the background might recognize/remember the moment? Thank you, in advance, for your time and assistance.”

If anyone can provide any information on this event, please contact Michael at: myongue@nullhotmail.com


The Last Patrol

Planning continues for the ‘Last Patrol’ commemoration to be held at OP Alpha on April 24, 2015. This is part of the German celebration of the 25th Anniversary of reunification. We are still looking for Squadron-level POCs who might be interested in setting up gathering(s) for the Squadrons either before or after the Regimental function, now tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 23. If interested, please contact Dave Cowan (dave.cowan@nullACRPros.com) or Tom Smart (tom.smart@nullACRPros.com).


Warrior Outreach

The following links relate to Warrior Outreach, which is a program designed to help our veterans. The program is led by CSM (ret) Samuel M. Rhodes, Sr., who is a Blackhorse Iraq veteran and is doing great things with Warrior Outreach in Columbus. Sam has been on Bob Hurt’s scholarship evaluation team for several years, and he proudly wears his Blackhorse cap in these local TV spots.


For more information on Warrior Outreach, visit its website:


“Allons” Greeting Cards

Association member Mark Neukom (markneukom@nullcomcast.net; 612-207-4749) designed and donated sets of greeting cards specific to the Association (and the Memorial move) for the Colorado Springs reunion. These “Allons” Greeting Cards are still available for sale at the Blackhorse Store. All money collected from the sale of these greeting card sets goes directly to the Memorial Project. If we can sell all fifty sets that were produced, we are $1000 closer to reaching the monetary goal for the Memorial Project. All we have to do is move the cards. They are priced at $20.00 per set of twenty cards with accompanying envelopes. The cards are blank inside, so they are suitable for multiple occasions. The “Allons” Greeting Cards can be found at the Blackhorse Store (Finish Line Awards) at http://www.blackhorsestore.org/

The cards are listed under “Gear”, then “Books, Audio, Video” . . . they are Item Number bh_729. A direct link to their item page is: http://www.blackhorsestore.org/gifts.cfm?pid=303


An Early Scholarship Story

From: The Blackhorse (newspaper), Vol. 2 No. 2, August 1976 (Germany)

Visit brings gift at 2/11

A nine year old boy, wide eyed with wonderment, visited the headquarters of the 2nd Squadron on August 16 where he received a special educational gift from the 11th ACR’s Blackhorse Association.

David Kellar was no stranger to Daley Barracks in Bad Kissingen, however. His father, the late SFC Millard L. Kellar, had served as Troop F’s motor sergeant for over four years before his death in July 1975. The late SFC Kellar, who died after participating in physical training with his troop, had also seen combat service with the Blackhorse in Vietnam.

Before the ceremony, which was held in the conference room of 2nd Squadron, Colonel John L. Ballentyne, III, 11th ACR commander and LTC John C. Gilbreath, 2nd Squadron commander, greeted David and his mother, Mrs. Sophie Kellar, upon their arrival at Daley Barracks. Colonel Ballantyne, representing Major General John W. McEnery, commander of the US Army Armor Center at Fort Knox, KY, and President of the National Executive Council of the Blackhorse Association, presented David with the special $1,000 Blackhorse Scholarship as members of the 2nd Squadron’s Eaglehorse Chapter, both officers and men, viewed the proceedings.

The Regimental Commander had earlier accepted the scholarship award from MG McEnery during the National Association’s 7th Annual Reunion held at Fort Knox last spring for presentation to David.

Upon presenting the award to the bright eyed fourth grader, COL Ballantyne explained some of the objectives of the Association, which was formed in 1968 at Fort Knox. “The Association’s ongoing objective is to continually strengthen and expand its ability to provide financial assistance to children of deceased members of the Regiment and foster those friendships which have begun through mutual service within the Regiment,” explained the Regimental Commander.

The Colonel added, “this year was the first time that the Association was able to present two $1,000 scholarships. David Hogan, son of the late SSG Darrel Hogan, was the recipient of the regular $1,000 Blackhorse scholarship.”

Being the center of attention was nothing new for David Kellar. Last November, as NCOs of the Eaglehorse Squadron conducted a Command Salute in honor of his late father, David accepted the Army’s Meritorious Service Medal bestowed upon his father posthumously. Lieutenant General (Ret) Robert W. Fair, former V Corps commander, presented the medal and CSM Clarence McCain, 2nd Squadron command sergeant major, stood with David as the Eaglehorse NCOs passed-in-review before them.

Following the official presentation of the scholarship award, David and Mrs. Kellar joined the Eaglehorse troopers in refreshments before spending the remaining portion of the day visiting friends in the Bad Kissingen area. They departed for their home in Neuberg the following day.

Pictures of the event can be found here: http://www.eaglehorse.org/3_home_station/blackhorse_paper/v2n02.htm


Military Order of the Purple Heart Elects Blackhorse Veteran as National Junior Vice Commander

Baker, Florida resident William “Bill” Everett was elected as National Junior Vice Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) at this year’s National Convention held in Denver, Colorado. Everett served his country in a distinguished 21-year Army career. While serving in Vietnam with the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment in 1967, he was wounded when a convoy he was leading was caught in an ambush by the Viet Cong. Despite his own wounds, he provided covering fire that allowed the evacuation of his wounded comrades to safety. For his bravery and wounds in that battle, he was awarded both the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart. In all, Everett served four tours in Vietnam, earning two more Purple Hearts, the Silver Star, two more Bronze Star medals for Valor, the Soldier’s Medal, and numerous other awards and decorations

Following his military service, Everett joined the Donald Trump Corporation, where he worked for 19 years as a Facilities Manager. He joined the Military Order of the Purple Heart in 1984, and upon his second retirement, moved to Baker, Florida where he has dedicated his free time to the Military Order of the Purple Heart. He has served in numerous positions of responsibility in his local Chapters in both New Jersey and in Florida, in the Department of Florida, and the Southeast Region before joining the leadership in 2014. In 2008, he was recognized as the MOPH “Patriot of the Year,” and in 2013 he received the prestigious MOPH “National Commanders Award” in recognition of his selfless dedication to the Order.


25th Anniversary of the
Opening of the Border – a Celebration

The below was provided by Scot Aitcheson (scot.aitcheson@nullgmail.com)

The border communities are organizing a celebration from the 9th to the 16th of November to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the border. Again, I have been asked to present on behalf of the squadron. If there is anyone else interested in participating, you are more than welcome.

As some of you may know, I was asked by the town of Boserode to speak at the rededication of Point Romeo in October of 2012. With the support of the BHA and many other squadron alumni, I presented, on behalf of the 11th and 14th ACRs, stories and recollections of what it meant to have served in the squadron and more importantly, on the border. Since my time with 3/11 was limited to the end of the Squadron’s tenure in Germany, I felt it was disingenuous to present in any other way that didn’t honor the service of the many, many of you, that served long before me.

Today I received an official invitation by the mayors of Berka, Gerstungen, Wildeck, Dippach and Großensee to again represent the squadron as a “witness to history” at the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the wall and opening of the border. First, I would like to take this opportunity to further extend this invitation to all of you. Should you find yourself in Germany between the 9th and 16th of November, your presence and participation at the celebration will be most welcome by the citizens of the region. Second, I would again look to you, your thoughts, recollections, stories and sentiments of what it meant to be on the forward edge of freedom. I again feel a tremendous responsibility to present the squadron and regiment experience in a truthful and reverent way.

With that in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any thoughts or guidance on the content of the presentation. I will share the final result with everyone prior to the event. I thank you in advance for your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


Cutoff for Pavers

Reminder to all. The cutoff for Pavers to support the move of the Regiment’s monument to Fort Benning is December 31. This is a great way to do two things – (1) memorialize your service in the Regiment or that of a friend, comrade, or loved one, and (2) contribute to the move and construction of the Blackhorse Monument. Our display will be one of the most impressive at Fort Benning, but only if we can provide the needed funds. Please consider this worthy cause!
To purchase a brick, you can:

(1) go to our website at www.blackhorse.org and follow the instructions on the top right of the home page, or

(2) fill out the paver form (link below) and send to Don Wicks at the address on the form along with a check or credit card information


Memorabilia for Patton Hall

All of you should have seen our special eBlast on this project. But to recap, the new Armor School at Fort Benning is looking for memorabilia from cavalry regiments to decorate classrooms in Patton Hall in Harmony Church, where all lieutenants and many NCOs will receive training. The Blackhorse Regiment is sponsoring one of these rooms and is looking for suitable memorabilia to decorate it in true cavalry fashion.

We are looking for memorabilia that may be appropriate – coins, guidons, and other things from people’s attics and the Blackhorse store. Items from the museum and the active regiment at Fort Irwin-or the German museums near Fulda or OP Alpha-would be fantastic.

Jim Tankovich, our Association Vice President, is heading up this project. Please contact Jim at tankovichj@nullcharter.net or 757-357-2168 with other ideas for appropriately decorating this classroom in Patton Hall; let him know of any items that you may wish to donate to this effort. Please do not send him any items at this time. Our initial efforts will be to get a list of items from our members and the other organizations previously mentioned, decide on what we need, and finally contact those who we will ask to send items.

Clint Ancker, our Director of Communications, has a specific request. He wants to put up a collection of Regimental Challenge Coins (or any Regimental Coin). He has already started this project with a number of his own coins, but knows there are many, many more out there. Anyone who is willing to donate one or more coins to the collection can send them directly to Clint at 17946 156th Terrace, Bonner Springs, KS 66007

He will collect the coins and put them into a suitable case to be placed in our classroom. If there are duplicates, he will put them up for the silent auction at the next Reunion – so either way, you will be contributing to the Regiment’s history and legacy. Please dig deep and find those coins you have secreted away. They’ll end up doing the Regiment a great deal of good!


The 24th Annual

Northern California Blackhorse Potluck/BBQ

Saturday, October 4, 2014
1100 – ???
Slidehill Park
2850 Temple Drive
Davis, CA 95618

Everyone is welcome to join us for a casual picnic in the park. Bring something to BBQ, something to share (salad, dessert, or munchies) and your beverage of choice.

I-80 to Davis. Take the Mace Blvd exit. Go North, around bend (Mace becomes Covell Blvd). Turn Left on Monarch Ln. Take 1st right onto Temple. Park is one block ahead on left.


I-5 to Woodland, exit at Road 102 to Davis. Proceed South to Davis, approx. 8 miles. Turn left at the 1st major intersection – Covell Blvd. Go about 1 mile to Monarch Blvd, turn right, go 1 block. Turn right on Temple. Park is 1 block ahead on left.

RSVP: Ron Krueger: 530-758-0351/cell 530-304-4249

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