Special Edition of the Blackhorse E-Newsletter

Final preparations are being made for the reunion in Bad Hersfeld, Bad Kissingen and Fulda on June 24th to 28th!! The 24th and 25th will feature local reminiscing, visits to our former kasernes, sightseeing and evening dinners at local gasthauses in each of our former towns. The 26th will feature a trip to the magnificent Kreuzberg in the Rhon Mountains to see if the monks still know how to brew their famous dark beer, a trip to our old General Defense Plan sector to review our defense plans, a wonderful welcome back from the city of Fulda in the city castle by the Lord Mayor himself, and then a typical German fest in the courtyard next to the city castle. The highlights for the 27th will be the visit back to Observation Post Alpha (the only remaining observation point from the Cold War) where we will honor our fallen troopers, tour the museum, and enjoy a mid-day meal of wurst and beer – and then, in the evening, enjoy a banquet back in downtown Fulda. We will have the current First Squadron commander, a former 3/11 trooper at Bad Hersfeld, present the "state of the regiiment", along with some other presentations.
We are expecting a wonderful turnout of people from the 50’s (yes, 50’s), 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – BUT WE STILL HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN COMING. The is NO time limit on registering – and we won’t mind if you just show up over there. More information can be found on www.blackhorse.com and www.blackhorse.org – or don’t hesitate to email me with questions at jgs525@nullcox.net or call me at 703-407-4038 anytime.
Glenn Snodgrass

Dear Troopers and friends of the Blackhorse
15,565 of you should have received your donation mail-out packet by this week. Please read carefully my note to you and take time now to return your tickets with a donation that best fits your budget.
The long term success of the Association is now in your hands. We can take our Association to levels not thought possible before with small donations from the many. If you like the direction of your Association, join in now and we will see it thrive and be here for succeeding Blackhorse generations.
Allons! Blackhorse Forever!
John Sherman Crow
President, 2008-2009

Fellow Blackhorse Association Members, 11th ACR Troopers and Friends of the Regiment,

As you know, the Blackhorse Association was founded in 1969 at Ft. Knox, Kentucky because of the promise made on 2 May 1969 by then Regimental Commander Col George S. Patton and SGM Bill Squires in response to the dying request of an L Troop TC on the field of battle in Vietnam. The vow to "not let people forget us" and "to take care of our kids" became the inspiration to form the Blackhorse Association and to create a scholarship fund for the kids. Over the years, the scholarship fund has provided more than $240,000.00 thru the award of college scholarships to the children of our regiment who have lost a parent in a combat theater while in the service of our Country and our Regiment. Forty years have passed and we continue to keep the promise made that day in Vietnam.

We solicit donations and contributions from former members of the regiment, friends of the regiment, active duty members of the regiment today and patriotic industry leaders. At the same time, we operate a web store with Finish Line Awards (FLA) thru our web site store at www.blackhorsestore.org to provide a source for 11th ACR memorabilia items to our members and friends of the regiment. Our percentage of the profits from this store are directed to our Operating and Scholarship Funds, so we urge everyone to use The Blackhorse Store at www.blackhorsestore.org. for their purchases of memorabilia items. The merchandise is top quality and again the association’s profits from this operation go to our "kids" of the Regiment and operating funds.

I have recently been informed that there is another 11th ACR merchandising site on the web offering 11th ACR memorabilia items. (The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Store). Please be aware that they are not affiliated with the Blackhorse Association, the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, or our brothers with the 11th ACVVC in any way. To the best of our knowledge they are not providing any funds to the regiment, scholarships for "Our Kids" or any other beneficent donations to our family. Please consider this when you look to purchase 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment memorabilia. The Blackhorse Store is your store, and we welcome your ongoing review and comments as to how we can best serve you and our "kids".

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