Special notice: 11th Cavalry Memorial Paver Project

Planning for the relocation of the 11th Cavalry memorial from Fort Knox to the planned new National Armor and Cavalry Museum at Fort Benning has begun. It is anticipated that the first phase of development of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum will be completed by November 2013. Our goal is to complete the move and construction of the new memorial site no later than the end of 2014. This gives us approximately eighteen months to complete the project.

The entire memorial complex will be moved, including the large Vietnam Memorial; the three memorials (obelisks), which are dedicated to the Philippine, World War II and Iraqi Freedom campaigns; plus the nearly 1,100 granite bricks that surround the memorial. All bricks will be catalogued prior to the move and will be placed in the new location in the same relative position.

The cost of the move will be shared between the Blackhorse Association and the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia. To help offset the cost of this project, both organizations will be offering new granite bricks.

Anyone can purchase a memorial brick for $100. Memorial bricks are a lasting tribute of your service to our regiment, and enable all of us to participate and show our support for our fellow Blackhorse troopers whose names are listed on the memorials. The bricks measure 8 x 4 x 2 inches and can accommodate inscriptions of up to three lines of 15 characters per line. Many have chosen to have their name, unit, and years of service with the regiment inscribed on their brick, while others have chosen to have a special message inscribed.

Please help us move our memorial monument to Fort Benning by purchasing one or more bricks. If we are able to raise more funds than needed for the move of the monument with this paver offer, any excess funds will be put into the Blackhorse Association Scholarship Fund.

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