US Armor Association Reunion Agenda


Most of you received information of Fort Knox’s last Armor Conference some time back. This information is intended to update you on the events scheduled on Saturday, 15 May ’10 through Monday, 17 May ’10 just prior to the Tuesday, 18 May ’10 kick-off of the last Armor Conference to be hosted by Fort Knox and US Armor Association. Future Armor Conferences/Armor Warfighting Conferences will be conducted at Fort Benning at the new Mechanized Center of Excellence.
Lodging on post will be in very short supply but there are several hotel/motels in Radcliff and Elizabethtown. There is a Holiday Inn Express in both Radcliff and E-town. There is a Baymont Inn and Suites, Hampton Inn and Ramada Inn in E-town. Of course there are many lodging opportunities in Louisville.
Members of the Blackhorse Association attending have been invited to lodge with the 14th Cavalry Association who are having their annual reunion at Howard Johnson Inn at 1058 N. Mulberry St., Elizabethtown just off I-65/Ky Turnpike, telephone: (270) 769-2344. You should ask for special rates reserved for 14th Cavalry. Our thanks to MG Tom Cole, President, and Colonel Frank Varljen, Exec.VP, 14th Cavalry Association for their very kind invitation.
All weekend pre-conference reunion type activities start at Patton Museum. Fort Knox planners ask that all attendees preregister at their website at:


Fort Knox based Blackhorse Association members will be available at Patton Museum each day to assist our members.
NOTE: Allen Hathaway, President, 11th ACVVC and I are coordinating a special event–not on the schedule below–probably for Monday morning, to honor two WWII Blackhorse heroes who, health permitting, will attend while we unveil the WWII obelisk in memory of our fallen brothers from WWII. Trooper Kingdon Gould from Washington, DC and Trooper Ausbon Jinright, Tuscaloosa, AL of Troop C, 36th Cavalry Recon Squadron, 11th Cavalry Group plan to be with us for this event.
The 11th ACVVC has for some time now expended a great deal of time and treasure to improve and expand the Blackhorse Monument
  • They have done a wonderful job and we are all grateful to them
  • In typical 11th ACR fashion, we will FRAGO this event as we have more info.
Specific Blackhorse Association questions may be directed to me at jsc11krh@nullbellsouth.net but Armor Conference questions should be addressed to Fort Knox at their website given above.
John Sherman Crow
Pres., Blackhorse Assoc. 2009-2010

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